What is the truth behind the Supernatural creature walking on Bridge?

Talk about the larger than life superheroes or mutant creatures that predominate the Marvel Universe or even the DC Comics franchise for that matter. The world is full of strange places and events that are happening from time to time. They nevertheless command the public attention once they become viral on the internet.

One such event that has been making the rounds is the supernatural creature or so it seems, that was spotted on a bridge in India in 2021. This snapshot was taken in a place called Hazaribagh in the state of Jharkhand in India.

What is even more surprising about this incident was that it was recorded on video in a 30 second version for all to see. It was as if the alien creature wanted to be seen. It was certainly not camera shy. 

Sceptics will say that it is a fake incident that needs to be further probed into or investigated. They point out to the 13th second of the video in which a red Lapros UFO can be seen hovering in the background. And there is a tingling sound as well. The incident has also been discussed with NASA

The video shows the creature walking across the bridge in an odd manner, as if it were not a creature of this earth. Critics however point out that it seemed oblivious to the attention it got while the people were recording it on video. But the fact is that we cannot speculate about the nature of the creature and the reaction it would have on being photographed or recorded on video.


Dissenters of the alien theory have debauched the entire incident as a hoax. They have maintained instead that the creature in question must be a naked lady or a witch. But if that is indeed the case, what is the point behind this apparition? That is what everyone is wondering about. 

The video was recorded by two youths who happened to be on the spot where this incident happened. One of them is called Deepak, who was returning from the funeral of a friend’s mother. Both video recording witnesses maintain that it was nothing more than a naked lady who was walking on the NH 75 on the Ichinda Bridge in Jharkhand at that particular time. 

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They even called her out as Churail or witch. Then they proceeded to record the incident. Whatever the truth of the creature, she was oblivious to the danger posed from passing motorists, who could have injured her or even killed her as she was standing in the middle of a bridge. She could also have become disoriented by the blinding lights of the evening traffic on the bridge.

As the video has gone viral and a lot of more people have viewed it, the incident is being talked about all across the world. The new chief of NASA in the USA is called Bill Nelson. He wants to get behind the facts of such incidents and lay to rest the theory whether UFOs and aliens are indeed invading our universe or not. He is reported to be taking particular interest in this incident because it is so popularly discussed across the internet.

Psychologists have even maintained that it might simply be a deranged or mentally challenged woman who was just wandering about aimlessly. If that is the case, they are wondering about the state of her mental health and whether she is in safe hands at the present time. 

Meanwhile, the proliferation of theories about the incident have continued to increase and dominate the internet. They are undoubtedly of particular interest to sleuths and ghost hunters all across the world who might even visit the place where it occurred to get to the truth of the matter. We shall just have to wait and see what happens next.

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