Unblock Youtube in Pakistan: Acces Youtube with full speed without proxies

Unblock Youtube in Pakistan: Acces Youtube with full speed without proxies


Youtube was blocked in Pakistan on September 17, 2012 because of some “blasphemous” material. Since then internet users in Pakistan have used different sources to reach Youtube facilities, Some tried proxies, some have tried HotSpot shield and some actually never looked back to Youtube. But everyone has some issues regarding Video streaming and speed when using Youtube through these proxy services. So today We will learn a easy way to watch Youtube videos with full speed. Yes, with full speed all you need to do is to just read he whole article to understand the loop whole in PTA’s block on Youtube.


Download UltraSurf(Just for the initial step)

First install ULTRASURF from UltraSurf.com. Extract it on your hard drive and open it by clicking on u1404.exe file.

After launching the software a new window should appear like this

So, Am I sharing a proxy method with you guys like others?

The answer is NO, We will just use this proxy server to reach Youtube once we have reached Youtube we don’t need to use this because we can then load or stream Youtube videos on our original and pure bandwidth without ultrasurf.

Open your Browser

Once you have launched the Ultrasurf, Open your browser and visit  Youtube.com. The website should open after a little delay since we are on a proxy right now.

Make a search or open a video ,directly

Make a search for the video you want or open a specific video by entering the URL or clicking a random video to test this method.

Time to close the proxy to get full speed

Wait, till your video starts streaming. Once your video has start streaming, close the UltraSurf proxy by clicking on Exit Button as shown below:

unblock youtube

After clicking Exit button a small window should appear, click on Close IE and Exit as shown below.

unblock youtube

Enjoy the full speed!

After closing UltraSurf you will notice that the video is still streaming. In-fact it will be streaming on your original bandwidth and speed which was our objective.

To watch every single video on your original speed you must follow these steps every time.


This happens because PTA has blocked Youtube videos URLs but they haven’t blocked the Youtube database in Pakistan from where these videos get streaming. For Instance if you are watching a video on youtube.com/watch-example, then youtube.com/watch-example is blocked although the source from where the video of this URL will  stream is still unblocked.

It is like shutting down a Petrol Pump but letting the petrol stored there. So you just need to open the Petrol pump some how, once you you have managed to open the petrol pump you can get the petrol.

P.S: Thanks for reading “HOW TO UNBLOCK YOUTUBE WITH FULL SPEED WITHOUT PROXIES”. If you still have some confusions in your mind you can ask me in comments. The practical video of this article is posted below here.

How to unblock Youtube with full Speed in Pakistan by h-meerzadeh


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