Top 5 Bloggers of Sub-continent (India and Pakistan)


I was always wondering to write a post about top bloggers from Pakistan and India but the only thing which was stopping me from writing the post was just a question which was moving around in my mind and that question was that which country I should feature first. I mean Pakistan or India.

So yesterday I decided to write a new blog post about top 5 bloggers from sub-continent. In today’s post I will feature every single blogger that I have loved and followed.

These bloggers fulfil these criteria:

  • Good Alexa Rank
  • Good amount of earning
  • Big following
  • Large Audience

Top 10 Bloggers of Sub-continent

Ok, so lets start talking about my favourite bloggers from Sub-Continent.

Amit Agarwal

Amit is a tech blogger from India who started his blogging journay back  in 2004 when he leave his job to focus on his Tech-Blog. He was first spending so much time on  forums like Experts Exchange, later he decided to convert his expertise in wealth therefore he started his Blog “Labnol” where he use to publish posts about newly introduced technologies.

His Blog has many privileges including a great Alexa rank of 3,201, Google Page rank 6, Facebook fan page likes 237,979 and a great following of 54.4K on twitter.

His estimated earning is 30,000 dollars a month and he is one of the finest bloggers you could ever meet in India.

Harsh Agarwal

Yet another Agarwal who has made his existence on internet :P. It Looks that Agarwals are doing a great job in the field of Blogging, LOL.

Harsh is one of those guys who have attracted me the most towards blogging. Especially his monthly earning reports boost my confidence and attract me more towards blogging.

He blogs on ShoutmeLoud(one of most superb blogs in India), his blog niche is WordPress, Blogging, SEO and everything which is related to the term which we called Blogging.

A few months ago he married and he purchased a luxury apartment from just his Blogging income. Sounds cool pHuHHHH..

His apartment was worth 1 crore INRs/. He paid 70 percent of the amount from his pocket and the other amount was paid by a bank loan.

His estimated earning is 6,12,406 INRs per month. You can find his monthly income report by clicking here.

His blog’s alexa rank is 2,333. He has a large following on Twitter of more than 7k. His facebook following is also increasing when I saw it last it was near 64578.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

One of the most popular guys in the blogging niche. With his cool looking widgets and gadgets for blogger he has amazed everyone. If I will say that he is one of the biggest inspiration for new bloggers then I will not be wrong.

Even he is the one from whom I learned this term what we called Blogging.

He has 3 blogs including: MybloggerTricks, SmartEarningMethods and Richincomeways.

But the parent blog is mybloggertricks where he share latest widgets and gadgets for blogger.

His estimated earning is 7,000 dollars per month.

MBT Alexa rank: 13,159, Google Page Rank: 5

SEM Alexa rank:  150,996, Google Page Rank: 3

RIW Alexa rank:  503,512 , Google Page rank: 3

He is also working on several other project which you can find here: STC Network official website

Syed Faizan Ali


One of those guys who have achieved many goals in their childhood. Faizan started blogging in the age of 13, later he left it because of his education but after two years he came back when he was 15.

Right now he is working on two different blogs including Mybloggerlab and Templateism. Both blogs ambition is to empower blogspot users.

His estimated earning is 4K per month.

MBL alexa rank is: 23,346

Templateism alexa rank is: 14,008

Syed Balkhi

Image result for syed balkhi

A blogger from Pakistan who is now living in United States of America.  In his childhood, Balkhi was selling small gadgets in streets of Karachi, near his house to earn some money. But later, his family migrated to United States where Balkhi started his blogging journey. According to him, his cousins told him about the business of domain reselling and that was the first online business Balkhi engaged with.

Later he started his Blog Wpbeginner which focuses on publishing articles about WordPress.

If you will search for anything about WordPress on Google then you may find his blog on top search results.

His main blog(WPbeginner) has a good reputation and have been listed at several popular places and directories including DMoz directory.

His estimated earning is 20,000 dollars per month.

With an alexa rank of 1786 worldwide he has set his place in my top bloggers list.

His blog is a PR6 blog which has a loyal  readership of 130,000 subscribers.

Other traffic from Search Engines is not mentioned since we didn’t had any records for that.

Most of his earning is from Affiliate marketing and his WordPress services. If you are a wordpress user then you must follow his blog.


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