The Detailed Review of Free Online TV Streaming

People can have the access of live TV channels and tv shows and movies in their hands through their mobile sets through Free Live TV App. All channels for free and they don’t need to set the TV set to record the programs they want to watch movies and TV shows and they can stream TV, online TV, Internet TV or Free online TV Streaming service sites through the app. The App is for to watch TV Live and get your favorite news, sports, movies and TV shows and movies from different channel sources running through built-in tuner, IP based tuners on your Android TV online for free TV. The App is not a spying or secret surveillance and it does not have any Viruses, spyware or any other malicious software in its software.

Free Online TV Streaming Initial Days & Popularity Today :

Watch TV showsEven at early 90s, it was not possible even to think of watch tv program or movies and tv shows and movies on your mobile set or live tv through internet or a copper cable which can provide a free streaming service of good quality tv channels and free tv. The signals for digital TV are almost 200 Mbps which are 2,000 times heavier than the signal over a copper wire.

The major break happened through a technology development in video compression and data transmission. The combination of DCT and ADSL technologies have done it and made it possible to implement free streaming services at around 2 Mbps.

In the mid of 2000, there were some option to watch tv shows and programs available on the Internet. The most commonly video shared site YouTube was launched in 2005, which initially allows its users to share illegally copied and posted tv shows and programs through watch tv option. Within the same year of 2005, IMDB TV and Apple has also began service to watch tv by providing free tv shows and free TV series, which are available for download after payment. Looking at the success of traffic on these web sites, television networks and other independent services also began sites which offers free streaming service sites of tv shows and programs online.

In 2010, Smart TVs took over the television market and be a partner with new providers of free videos to even more users. These digital medial players continue to update and released new generation movies and videos. The movies and free tv shows which were evolved from computer and television are now shifted to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Since 2008, applications for mobiles are available via app stores to access free streaming sites for movies and free tv shows. In 2014, Pluto TV, Roku channel and IMBD TV had started showing tv shows and movies through internet online for free tv and Pluto TV becomes at the top for being the highest users since 2017 supersedes IMDB TV and roku channel.

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YouTube has launched YouTube live TV channels in 2017 online for free, which is a streaming service that allows its users to watch tv and tv shows through popular cable or network channels live television shows and programs, and to record shows for further streaming sites to anywhere to the family and friends anytime and anywhere through their mobile and has the most viewership than Pluto TV and also hits the viewership of IMDB TV and Roku channel.

Netflix is the world’s largest free streaming TV network as of 2018 and became the largest Internet media and entertainment company offering tv shows.

Now, Samsung TV company has also announced their plans to get into free streaming business and will provide free streaming options including 3D video through their Explore 3D service.

Free Streaming Quality For TV Shows And Movies:

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The Streaming sites and streaming service quality depends on the image and audio transmission from the servers of the distributor to the user’s screen. Some of the decoding errors or heavy traffic on a particular website or channel cause an issue with video breakup and macro blocks. BBC iPlayer of UK, deals with the largest volume of traffic and still it offers HD content as well as SD content. The BBC iPlayer watch TV are trying to keep with the demand of pace, as it grows everyday but it would certainly a lot of money and investment from BBC.

Usage Of Free Streaming Sites To Watch TV:

Pluto TV shows and roku channel tv shows along with YouTube are now commonly used by the households all around the globe to watch tv and tv shows. Every one of four new televisions sold is a Smart TV. Keeping in view the popularity of Smart TV and devices, public can watch live tv via the internet imdb TV, Pluto TV and roku channel. Many of the networks also sold and distribute their tv shows to service providers in the very next of the show.

Watch TV through Internet is common in most US households as of the mid 2010s.

Streaming Services Sites Competitors:

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There are number of Internet live TV channels service providers including imdb TV, Pluto TV and roku channel and other conventional television stations which are taking advantage of the Internet as one of the option to show tv shows after the broadcast. Nowadays, almost every single broadcaster is operating an International Television Platform. Most internet television services allow their users to watch tv content without any charge and everything for free.

Broadcasting Rights Of Streaming Services Sities:

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The rights of broadcasting live tv are vary from country to country and at some place even within provinces of that country. Some companies pay large amount for broadcasting rights for sports channels. There is a trend amongst major content producers for TV everywhere system. TV Everywhere will restrict viewership of a video feed to select Internet Service Providers for live content.

Profit & Costs for Streaming Services Sites:

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With the introduction of broadband Internet connections, number of service providers entered in the market, specially in the last two years. Major providers are Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Hulu advertise and charge a monthly where Netflix and Amazon only charges monthly fee from their users and have no commercials. Netflix has over 130 million members which makes Netflix is the largest provider.

Live TV Streaming Sites For Social Media And Marketing:

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Now for a business to succeed, it will need to be using every social media an marketing tool available for them and live tv streaming in the major factor. For a true social media activities, you must need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Live Streaming Sites:

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A video that one can record on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and broadcast at the same time is known as live streaming. Anyone can do it with the right techniques and guidelines.

If you are live streaming for your business and you repeatedly show people that you are livestreaming of live-streaming it, then is will become harder for searchers to find your live stream video or an article about your blog. That will make a difference to SEO and digital marketing and SEO will get the edge over their competitors. Please make sure that small errors can make all the difference.

How To Live Stream:

It mainly depends on the service providers speed and quality to watch tv and tv shows. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are offering different live streaming options which are easy to use.

How To Live Stream On YouTube:

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Users will have to download a verified YouTube live streaming encoder and use the Stream Now option. This option is perfect if you want to live stream then and there. Following the guidelines below:

  • Open the Creator Studio, click on Live Streaming, and click Stream now.
  • Identify a SEO-friendly title and write a short SEO-friendly description in the Basic Info tab.
  • Set the privacy listing to Public. These videos can be seen by the viewers with a link on their live stream.
  • Select the quality between low and high Quality. The options can be selected through downsides and upsides. As soon as the video is close for being live, it is classified as Low Latency.
  • As the video is live, use the live chat to talk to your audience. Users can share their links with their friends and circle by using the Share Tools options.
  • Users can turn the stream into a YouTube video, after 12 hours of the live streaming. Users will have to use the Video Editor option for any editing, however, the option is available for the videos which are less than 03 hours.

How To Live Stream On Facebook:

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Although Facebook have joined the live streaming after YouTube, but it makes it much easier for its users:

  • Choose “Live Video”.
  • Add a description.
  • That’s literally it.

May be you will not get the same quality of video as in YouTube and you might not have the option to edit the live stream, the whole usage is very simple and immediately.

How To Live Stream On Twitter:

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Twitter’s service is monitored by Periscope. Users will have to download it from the App Store. Once the app is downloaded, the process is very simple:

  • Open up the Periscope app.
  • Choose your audience or friends
  • Write a brief description.
  • Tap the Shoot icon.

Twitter’s live streaming services is also known for its simplicity like the Facebook.

Best Live Streaming Service For Any Business:

Frankly, it depends on the requirement and expectation of the business;

  • YouTube is the oldest live service provider of a video platform for tv shows. You can take control and reliability from YouTube tv shows. For big professional events, YouTube Events is probably the best option for it.
  • Facebook tries hard to compete with YouTube for the title of biggest website. However, till now Facebook only can match the immediate and simple live streaming. If you already have your business updates on the Facebook, then only Facebook live streaming is perfect.
  • Twitter has something different to offer for businesses. Users can can browse live streaming and recommend live streaming to one another and build a live community circle. If the time is properly invested in this social media and marketing platform of Twitter, it could be a big advantage to the business.

Best Hardware For Live Streaming Service:

Online channels to watch for movies

Almost all the smartphones are efficient for a quick and simple live stream. However, for people seeking extended quality and want to live stream a proper and organized, it might be worth investing in a bit more heavy duty option.

Increase The Speed Of Live Streaming:

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Users would need strong network for live streaming devices. Though the technology is still new, still there are some great network providers around. Following steps are helpful in increasing the speed of the live streaming:

Internet Connection :

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A crucial action is to improve your internet connection which will take your live channels streaming into a next level. Rather than Wifi, a wired LAN connection can improve the speed of the connection which ultimately improves the speed and quality of the live streaming devices.

Interact With Your Friends/ Viewers:

Having a good circle is a best way to gain viewership. If you have a good circle of your viewership, it would return in something back from your viewers. The options of make comments and interaction with other people can be a good option to increase your live channels streaming.

Wifi Signal Proximity:

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If there is no option of getting an Internet Cable, then the best way is to get close to the signals of the Wifi. The broadcast near from the Wifi connection will strengthen the streaming and it also cause less connection problems.

Back Up Everything:

Having back up of everything you uploaded is one of the best option to increase strength of your live streaming.

Keep Planning For Future:

Plan accordingly of the conditions which includes lighting, sound, distractions while you are filming a video. This also is mandatory for your broadcast. Make a plan that how should your viewers can access the streaming. Its better to use appropriate marketing strategies and social media platforms for updating your viewers and keep them update about any change.

Organize Your Work:

it will make live streaming easier and more enjoyable. Keep the cables and wires clean and clear during the broadcast. Organizing your system and work place will also help in locating and fixing equipment, if there is any problem arise.

Test Your Broadcast:

Never upload your broadcast before a test run. Run a full test of the video and check all the sound, lighting or encoder problems. Your Camera and microphones are also crucial before your go live.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN):

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Its better and helpful to use a platform which can stream over a real CDN. It will allow your broadcast access to more people, depending on your CDN. A god CDN platform also allow your streaming live around the globe with more viewership.

Not Always HD Shoot:

imdb online popular movies

If you are shooting all your videos on HD (High Definition), there is a probable chance that the video could not be seen by a number of your viewers. Not everyone have the luxury of watching the broadcast on HD and it could decrease the viewership.

Close Unused Programs / Application:

If the streaming is going slow, check and try to close all unused programs on your system, including anti-virus. Its not enough to minimize the program, but should be closed from the system. Live streaming uses a lot of computer resources and it is recommended to close all the unused programs before live streaming.

Be Consistent /On Time:

Be consistent and on time regarding what time you are on to your streaming. For example, it is hard to get viewership at 04:00 p.m. on a working day. Plan it for weekends and convenient time for the viewers.

Promote Your Live Streaming:

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Users can promote their live streaming as the way they can promote any event. Different live streaming technologies have number of promoting features. For instance, YouTube has the best range of features which allows its users to promote their live streaming. There are some other features also available with other live streaming technologies, but YouTube, has the most established video sharing website.

Users of Facebook & Twitter can promote their live streaming through posts and Tweets.

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