Top 8 Best Alternative Sites like Craigslist Personal

Looking out for sites like Craiglist personal?

This does mean that you want to sell something locally.

If yes, Craigslist is the best website for you with amazing features. Craigslist is totally free and has a huge number of buyers and sellers.

Top 8 Best Alternative Sites like Craigslist Personal

All the transactions are local, and your item will immediately be taken away, and you get the payment in an instance.

However, there are more sites like Craigslist Personal.

But still, some people don’t find it convenient and are looking for craigslist personals alternatives. For those people, we’ve compiled a list of 8 sites like craigslist personals alternatives. You can visit them any time you want, and we are sure you will find your website. These craigslist alternative does the same job and also they are easy to use.

List of Top 8 Alternatives for Craigslist Personals:

  1. Bookoo
  2. Gumtree
  3. Oodle
  4. Penny Saver
  5. AdLandPro
  6. Locanto
  7. USA Today
  8. Geebo

However, before we share more information about these alternatives sites of Craigslist, let me make a declaration that this article will be helpful for:

People who are looking to find Craigslist alternatives

Sites which sell like Craigslist

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Best alternatives of Craigslist Personal

Sites like Craigslist personal


Looking for a user-friendly service that lets you make your own list of the item? Then, Bookoo is the right choice for you. There you can advertise a sale, no matter how small or big an item you’re selling. Bookoo locations are spread country-wide, and most of them are located with military bases within the town.

Craigslist alternatives
Bookoo and The Military Members:

I am sure that you guys are thinking that why Bookoo locations are with the military base? The answer is that Bookoo is indeed a very cooperative website for the members of the military. Most military personnel use this website to buy or sell their products because they are on a move throughout their military life.

Main Feautres of Bookoo:

Bookoo is a smaller site as compare to others but the platform and its interface are user-friendly and they’ve more convenient customer service, with an option of live chat. Bookoo treats its users like they’re their personals. On Bookoo you can create a profile where you can upload your bio and a profile picture. You can also store the items or products you’ve listed in the past.



Gumtree is one of the craigslist personals alternative. This site is not totally free but you can sell some items for free. Their US site is not one of the most used sites like craigslist because they’ve not much listing there but it can be very useful sometimes.

How did it start?

Two friends back in 2000 created this platform to allow the service of buying and selling spare parts and things online. The first design of this website was like a community website, which helps people themselves to sort out in a new city.

What does Gumtree offer to its users?

Its been almost two decades since the foundation of Gumtree. Now it is among the list of classifieds websites in the United Kingdom. Every 1 of the 4 adults uses this website every month to buy or sell a product.

Besides the buy/sell procedure, users can also discover jobs, properties, vehicles, mentors and tutors, clubs, and classes.


Oodle has a different approach than the usual ads website. Products are directly listed on Oodle as the other sites list products that are physically posted by the seller on the marketplace. Oodle is more alike similar to craigslist but has a different kind of marketplace.

They allow their users to advertise their products on social media platforms like Facebook so that they can get the bigger approach.

Oodle Featured Listings Program:

Oodle featured listings program allows you to double your traffic with very little effort. Once your classified ads are in the network of sites, you can use the featured listings program to increase their visibility. Your listing will be underlined throughout the Oodle Network, which will deliver qualified referrals and leads to your website.

Penny Saver

If you’ve used craigslist, then Penny Saver will not cost any trouble for you. Penny Saver list among the top classified sites. First, you’ve to register as a user, and for that, you’ve to make an account. This is a very easy step because the website itself is user-friendly.

After creating an account you can sell your items by creating personals ads, or you can buy any product of your need by visiting different ads by other users.

How does it work?

As we’ve mentioned earlier that users can post their ads on the website to get reach throughout the market. It contains classified ads which are grouped into categories. Any user can go to their desired category and there he/she will find numerous ads.


AdLandPro has been in existence since 1998, and it requires you to create an account and be a registered user. This is added to the security of the relationship between buyer and seller. In case you’re facing any issues with scammers on the site, a feature of reporting such activities is available too.

In 1998, AdLandPro came into the existence. A user first has to make an account by registering onto the site. This feature increases the security of the business relationship between the seller and the buyer.

This site is almost like craigslist personals where you can post classified ads and personal ads. By doing that your ad will show to buyers from all around the country.

Security Features of AdLandPro:

AdLandPro makes sure that their user does not face any problems and for that they’ve increased their security measures. In any case, if you are facing casual encounters with some type of scammers you can always report them and their customer support will help you quickly and resolve your issue within no time.


Locanto also enlisted among the classified sites that allow its users to post classified or personals ads to get reach into the market. Locanto is also like craigslist and offers its services to over 60 countries. Locanto is one of the best craigslist personals alternative because the reach of it is very vast.

There is an ads section where you can find multiple ads throughout the country. Its vast market allows you to have different options when purchasing or selling any item.

Is it free to use or not?

It is free to post personal ads if you’re from Miami, New York, or Los Angeles. But you can only post free ads in the city if you want to reach a bigger number of sellers or buyers from all across the country then you’ve to pay a little amount for that.

USA Today

USA Today is a popular newspaper with a classified ads section, which allows users to post their personal ads. It is like craigslist in many ways and can be used as an alternative to craigslist personals.

There are many sites like craigslist personals that allow users to reach the number of buyers/sellers across the country but what is better than a newspaper?

At USA Today you can post classified ads that will reach millions of people countrywide and allow you to get more leads or referrals. USA Today is one of the best alternative to craigslist personals.


Geebo is another alternative to craigslist personals that allow users to create personals and classified ads. It’s one of the best and safe websites as they offer a lot of safety and security measures to its users and also provide tips for both sellers and buyers.

They also have a reporting feature that a user can use if he/she found an abusive or spam ad and doesn’t find it authentic, or if any buyer or seller faces any casual encounters with the spammers they can directly report it.

How did it start?

Geebo was founded by Greg Collier (an entrepreneur) in 2000. It’s based in Mclean, Virginia. In the start, the website promoted job listings and other services in the region of Sacramento, California.

Now Geebo has evolved as one of the best-classified personals sites on the Internet. Those who neglected this website at the start are now displaced because of it.

Tips on Posting a Catchy Ad

Above we’ve discussed the best alternatives to craigslist personals. There are many other sites like craigslist personals, we’ve just mentioned the top 8 of them.

Now if you’re considering posting an ad on any of these classified and personals sites then we’ve compiled some tips that can help you to create a catch ad to buy or sell your item successfully.

  • If you’re a seller then think from a user base point of you this will help you to make your ad title more catchy and interesting.
  • Always stay clear in your titles. Don’t make it confusing for others.
  • Always post good quality pictures and videos with your ads so that any buyer can get a better idea of the product.
  • If you’re a buyer or a seller, always choose the day time to meet the person from which you’re buying or selling a product.
  • Don’t ever share your personal information in your ads.
  • Try to be safe from scammers and abusers. If you face any casual encounters with them report them so that you and everyone else can stay safe from them.
  • Always mention any defects or damage to your items. It’s good, to be honest with others. It will increase their trust in you and they will surely shop with you again.



We’re sure that our article will help you to find your alternative for craigslist personals. There is no doubt that craigslist is one of the most popular sites with the vast personals ads section, but the sites we’ve mentioned above are also very good and are not far behind with craigslist. You can always use any one of them to buy or sell any product you like.

Also, all these personals sites are trust-worthy and secured to use which makes them much more alike to craigslist personals.

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