Interviewing Rahul Dubey from Techreviewpro

Interviewing Rahul Dubey from Techreviewpro

Recently I got a chance to interview my friend, Rahul Dubey from Techreviewpro. He is a young web entrepreneur from India who has managed to maintain a pretty decent blog about technology. He basically writes about Technology, WordPress, SEO, Social media, Domains-Hosting, Affiliate Marketing and many other tech related topics.

He with his blog is getting popular and popular day by day, so it will be better for us to have a little know how of him and his blog. We asked many questions from him and he replied them very gently.

Here is the exciting conversation between us, have a look:

Q.1: Welcome to Articles Teller. You are famous amongst tech lovers, but as a part of formality please give a short introduction of yourself.

Hi Husnain it’s quite special feeling to be featured on a popular Pakistani blog like Articles Teller.

Hello friends ! I’m Rahul Dubey, founder of which is a pretty popular technology blog in India. TechReviewPro consistently publishes high quality stuffs including tips-tricks and reviews related to software, apps, gadgets, blogging, SEO, social media and web-design-development. I’m 18 years old student currently pursuing graduation B.Sc. in Computer Applications from G.L.A. College Daltonganj which is a constituent unit of Nilamber Pitamber University, Ranchi.

Apart from blogging, I enjoy reading inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs and romantic novels. Also, I love to play cricket and badminton. I love cricket so much that I may skip blogging for a day but cricket keeps rocking in my nerves everyday. 🙂

Q.2: How was blogging introduced to you? And who was the inspiration behind starting your career?

Unlike other bloggers who are attracted towards blogging after watching earning reports or screenshots of other bloggers, my meeting with blogging was somewhat different. Since my school days, I’m great fan of Chetan Bhagat’s columns in newspapers and his blog posts. I love the way he inspires youths all over the world through his powerful blog posts.

After watching the huge following of Chetan and his social fans’ reactions after every social update, I started exploring questions like what is blog, how could I write, how to start a blog etc. While researching about blogging, I came to know about its financial benefits that how people can earn money blogging and the ever growing career scope in this field.

That’s how my first interaction with blogging remained. 🙂 But I won’t forget to mention that popular bloggers like Neil Patel, Syed Balkhi, Hongkiat Lim, Harsh Aggarwal, Tony John and Saurabh Saha still motivate me and share their best advice when I ask them anything.

Q.3: Tell me about your previous blog experiences (if any) so that our audiences may learn from your failures ?

Yes, like many other bloggers, I also have a failure story. I started my first blog in money earning niche to share money making tips then started publishing blogging and SEO tips, then added few more topics and finally ended messing up my blog. Though my quality of articles was quite better than other bloggers but I struggled to drive traffic to my blog. I started taking some shortcuts like buying cheap traffic, fake Facebook fans and huge number of backlinks etc. – only to waste my money.

Then I met Saurabh Saha, Founder of TechGYD (in fact, he met me) 😉 . He shared some amazing (life-changing) tips with me. In fact he taught me lots of lessons about selection of niche in just 2 hours which I was supposed to learn in next 2 years.

So, from my failure what you may learn is : Don’t write about everything just because you have ability to write, instead pick a niche you are comfortable with and then explore that particular niche as much as you can ! That’s how you’ll able to be an expert of your niche.

Q.4: You are still a student, How do you manage your studies with so much work burden?

That’s nice question Husnain ! Managing a business blog with regular studies is a tough job and it becomes even more difficult if you are getting many deals and contracts. I somehow manage it because I skip lots of classes. Those lectures which I don’t find beneficial for me, I just skip them. And fortunately, I still manage to score better marks than my friends – Of course, being topper is never my wish as I have enjoyed it a lot during my school days.

It may sound funny but sooner or later you’ll realise that saying no to less productive things in your life will make you more productive. And if you are passionate about your work, you’ll never find them burden.

Q.5: Why did you choose tech niche? I mean there were so many other topics too!

There are three reasons for selection of tech niche. First, I’m more comfortable writing such stuffs and second, around 63% blogs present out there belong to tech niche including giants like TechCrunch, Techradar etc. so surely huge competition makes this niche much more spicy for me.

And finally, third reason is : when I analyzed the content creation, promotion, branding and marketing strategy of successful bloggers in this niche I came to know they are not utilizing their resources well. This provides me an advantage (if you know it well). 😉

Q.6: How much you have earned from your blog? And what were the major sources of your earning?

Ha ha . . .! I face this questions many times. But the fact is that I don’t like sharing my earning numbers. I feel it is somewhat like show-off and self-promotion. But to not make you disappointed, I would say since my childhood I had a wish of earning my dream salary and fortunately I touched that dream figures last month (June, 2015).

Major part of my blog earning comes from sponsored reviews since TechReviewPro is quite popular for providing “Pro-Reviews” so I usually get many sponsored review deals from product owners.

Q.7: What should be a blogger’s first priority according to you when starting a blog? Quality content or SEO?

Actually there is a big misconception about people’s priority between Quality content and SEO. Some people say SEO should be priority while others others say “anything less than high quality content is not going to help you”.

But the reality is both should go hand to hand. Because without SEO your quality content is of no use and without quality content you’ll end up spamming the web if try to do SEO.

Q.8: What is your content promotion strategy ? Will you like to share it with us ?

When it comes to content promotion, I mainly focus on major social networks which I have found highly productive for me. However the strategy changes based on the topic of content and who is my target audience for that blog post.

Sometimes I contact the influencial experts of industry and invite them to read my post when I write epic posts like this : Due to a WordPress Plugin TechReviewPro Lost 13,589+ Visitors But Here is How I Got Them Back they read it and do the promotion for me. No doubt, their one tweet or share sends huge chunk of visitors to my site.

Q.9: I noticed that a big chunk of your traffic comes from Social media, what’s your content sharing strategy is specifically for social media websites like facebook?

Since Facebook is the most popular social platform so when you are active here it can do wonders for your content promotion. When people ask me questions about blogging, I write a blog post and tag them in post. That’s it. They themselves do the rest part of promotion.

Though this is the simplest method you may use to promote your content but with the changes in Facebook organic reach algorithm, it is no longer easy for bloggers and internet marketers to get good traffic from Facebook without having a popular brand with huge following. That’s the reason why I’m less active on Facebook these days.

Q.10: When did you earned your first ever earning from your blog and what were your feelings at that stage?

It took me 89 days to earn first income from my blog but since I was already earning from other online ventures even before starting blog, so it wasn’t so special feeling as it deserved to be. Perhaps, it is because I was more concerned about mastering other skills and was not expecting to earn from just 90 days old blog.

Q.11: What was the happiest moment of your blogging journey?

When I was able to rank my article (for my desired keyword) above top industry websites like Forbes and Search Engine Journal in Google’s search engine ranking position with just 28 days old blog, that was the most excited moment of my blogging journey.

But few days back, I went to buy a laptop (to gift my brother) in a local PC shop, the shopkeeper started telling me tech specifications of the laptop. I was listening everything silently. After two minutes, the manager of shop reaches there and asked shopkeeper, “why are you telling him specifications ? He is a tech blogger and has written reviews of more gadgets than what you have sold till now.” Listening something like this is the happiest experience for me in blogging.

Q.12: What is the major source of your earnings ?

As I told you in reply to question 6, Sponsored review is my major source of earning from blog. After that affiliate marketing contributes well as I manage to get few affiliate sales each month. Then direct advertisement contracts are contributing much more than what I can earn from Google AdSense, because advertisers have started contacting me directly.

These are the only sources of earnings from my blog as of now. But in near future, I’m about to launch few more blogs to diversify my earning sources.

Q.13: What final tips will you like to share with our audience? What must they do and what not?

Hey friends, when you are starting a blog consider investing some money for custom domain name, top quality web-hosting and attractive design. This is the most effective thing you may do for branding. Select a niche you are comfortable with, stick to that niche without diluting it to write everything. Focus on providing your readers quality rather than quantity.

Don’t bother about earning screenshots or real-time traffic stats of others, have patience and just focus on learning as much skills as you can so that you may earn more than them with just one-fourth of their traffic. That’s how you may survive here in long run

And finally, help people as much as you can ! Be happy and make others happy because it doesn’t matter whether you are earning 3-figure income or 6-figure if you don’t have reasons to have fun with friends.

With this, I’m signing off ! Have a pleasant day ahead !
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you. We hope for a quick response.


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