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Musle Food Free Delivery Code | 25% Off Dec 2020
muscle food discount codes: free delivery codes

So you wanna know what’s a Muscle Food Promo Code? Or maybe you simply need one discount code for yourself.

Before knowing anything about Muscle Food NHS Discount Codes, let’s dig in some more information about the brand itself.

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Muscle Food is a Nottingham, UK based online food wholesaler which was inaugurated by Darren Beale in 2013.

First, they were just focusing on the workout community yet later on they extended their items and products and made it engaging for everybody intrigued by high protein, Healthy, and delicious weight control plans.

In 2018 BGF invested 10 million pounds in Muscle Food which allowed them to introduce a variety of new products ranging from rich in nutrition foods to high-value protein foods as well.

They collaborated with three popular stores in the UK, namely Sainsbury’s, Co-operation and Spars respectively in order to supply their wide range of products to their customers and to keep them satisfied.

The biggest and greatest initiative was taken by Muscle Foods management was launching an online web-based platform which led them to universally expand their business, eventually, this had a positive response globally.

Muscle Food Free Delivery Code

Following are the best available Muscle Food Promo Codes in the coupon market.


Hey Pals! Hope you’re having a nice day, I’m Jack an undergraduate student currently residing in London, England. Since you’ve clicked on this article then you already know that I’ll be talking about my experience with “Muscle Food Student Discount”.

How I started my journey with Muscle Food Referral Code

I found out about this site through my friend Mohammad, We both are health cautious and gym freaks!

But we never had a proper diet plan nor the time for it until one day Mohammad recommended me this Website. When I first opened the site and looked to order food I was a bit skeptical, but I mostly have heard good reviews up to this point plus my friend was pushing me all the time to at least try it once.

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Then I tried it and when I did I was actually quite impressed with Mohammad (His recommendations are mostly dreadful but not this time), Man! He was right on! Muscle Food voucher codes really provided Quality food and great service.

Let’s further discuss about their vast product range along with a £20 Off Muscle Food but before that, let me share the terms that I have used to collect these MuscleFood discount codes:

“People searching for muscle food discount code

if you are looking for muscle food promo code

Also if you need muscle food voucher code

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Also for £20 off muscle food

Students who are searching muscle food discount code student

Offer of musclefood discount code nhs

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Chicken discount of muscle food discount code 5kg chicken

Flat code of musclefood £10 discount code

People searching for muscle food referral code

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And our special Muscle meals promo code”

Earn £5 by referring a friend

Refer your friend to Muscle Food’s delicious delicacies and get a £5 discount on your next order. Also, you will get 500 loyalty points for each order your friend places with your referral code. Moreover, your friend will get one of the four freebies on their first order. Furthermore, you can get an extra discount on your orders by using Muscle Food Promo Codes which will help you to save more to order something extra.

  • Student Discount: Muscle food is calling out all the fitness enthusiast students to come to join the community and get a 10% Student discount by registering with UNiDAYs to avail of this discount. You will get a welcome discount on premium & high-quality meals and meat.
  • Weekly Deals: Always take a look at weekly deals and discounts before they vanished. There you will get the premium meat for just £1.
  • Free Premium Delivery: Place an order over £75 and get free premium delivery for just £1. Originally, this service cost £5.99 but thanks to Muscle Food special offer you can get it at a discounted price. Also, you can track your order anytime you want.
  • Up to 70% Discount: Muscle Food does offer clearance sales in their clearance section. Always visit this section to get up to a 70% discount on essentials, and snacks.

Best Coupons to get £20 Off By Using Muscle Food Discount Code

Let’s further discuss about their vast product range along with a £20 Off Muscle Food but before that, let me share the terms that I have used to collect these MuscleFood discount codes:

Muscle Food’s Vast Range:

The Product range of Muscle food do the unthinkable is vast and versatile as ever!

Especially in the last couple of years they have expanded exponentially, it is the best place for people who are in search of lean food, high protein diets and precooked meals. 

Muscle Food £10 discount Code have endeavored to include a full supplement of different items including feast prep pots, protein supplements, protein bites, drinks and even protein pastries.

Most of their products are made under their own brand name however they do offer a few items from different manufacturers and companies, for example, Carb Killa’s by Grenade and Optimum Nutrition whey protein. There is additionally a decent range of veggie lover protein alternatives as well.

Muscle Food Hampers Do the Unthinkable Discount Codes

Food Hampers are generally a great starting point for people and that is usually where most of the value is found. you can choose “Build your own” box or if you are looking for an even better offer than I’d definitely recommend you to try Double Up Hampers which give you a lot more worth of food as compared to the normal orders.

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Mainly your diet goals and taste buds will direct you towards the type of hamper you wants to but other than that there are a huge amount of customized categories and bunch of pre-made options for people who like high protein and lean food with minimum fats.

Muscle Food have designed a special hamper for those who are extra cautious about their diet plans. These hampers contain a vast variety of foods and the best part is that they all have less than 5% fat and 10% discount if you use Muscle food referral code.


Hey! I’m Ava from Birmingham, England. Hope you’re having a great day but if not… Then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! I’m a 20-year-old college student and just like you (assuming that if you’re reading this then you’re a Vegan or soon to be…) Anyhow, I’m a vegan. 

I’m always very picky about my meals and the problem with that is that it takes A Lot of time to find quality and high protein product which doesn’t taste like ….

You know, I don’t have to say it. So let’s cut to the chase, One day I was looking for my veggies and I stumbled upon this Website called “Muscle Foods”, then I started digging into the products a bit, read review and descriptions and they were pretty positive.

So, I ordered some of their veggie products and I’ll share my honest review with you.


So for the first review, we will talk about a product whose importance is often neglected in the health and care sector.

It is Produced using wheat and pea protein, this bread conveys a satisfying 30g+ of protein and just shy of 300kcal per two cuts, and it’s additionally high in Omega 3s.

Complex carbs come in at around 29g, which is in accordance with typical whole meal bread. If you purchase your bread in a bunch of three or five you can save some cash however if you buy one loaf it’ll cost you around just £4.49.

Presently some may state that the prize is costly in comparison with the modest prepared bread you can get for 80p in Asda, however, looking at the two resembles contrasting a stomach-related bread and a top-end protein bar.

At the start I was doubtful about the item, however, to be straightforward it truly didn’t taste vastly different to typical entire dinner bread. Textually it was somewhat denser, however, it was positively truly consumable and kept appetite secured for a couple of hours.


It’s somewhat grainy contrasted with the new stuff.

Would a five-star restaurant serve this on their menu?

Probably No. but on the same note are there any contemporaries attempting to construct your delts like cannonballs?

Again … the answer’s probably “No“.

What this Protein Pasta does is it gives you the choice to add another thing to your eating routine other than rice or rice cakes, and per 50g it gives you 25g of protein (pea protein disengage once more) and 15g of complex carbs.

It’s all 100% natural ingredients, whole bread is healthy and preservatives free.

A 400g pack costs £4.95, but we’ve discussed the prices above.

With everything taken into account, Protein Pasta is another fantastic, imaginative item from Muscle Food.

Cost: 400g for £4.95

Nourishing breakdown (per serving)

Kcal: 198, Protein: 25g, Carbs: 15.5g, Fat: 3.89

About Muscle Food

Muscle Food was founded by Darren Beale in 2013 with a goal to provide premium, lean, top-quality meats, supplements, and healthy meals at a very affordable price. Muscle Food always strives to deliver dieters, and gym buffs for the fitness enthusiast and to provide the best quality meat, and low-fat, high protein snacks for them at a discounted price.

Muscle Food has everything for almost everyone whether you are looking for low-fat meat cuts, fake ways, easy cook meal kits, energy drinks, healthy snacks, or premium quality meat. Also, they have products for vegetarians including gluten-free and vegan diets.

Also, you can get your hands on eggs, fresh vegetables, and dairy products for your weekly diet plans without facing any fuss. All the products are fresh and prepared with high-quality ingredients for a healthy and premium quality diet.

Muscle Food Offer For MEAT AND SUPPLEMENT 

Muscle food is celebrated for its protein-rich chicken and great Supplements.

Along these lines, we should investigate how Muscle food conveys us their famous chicken, Beef, and Supplements. In this review, we’ll closely analyze and inspect all the aspects of their 2 of the most famous products.    


Carefully chosen, their Custom made, massive extent of their organic goods and meat have no extra added substances for eg. extra salt or included water.

Muscle Food guarantees that you get the standard and high protein product that you merit while keeping the essence of food alive for the food lovers. If there’s one thing I can verify is that they have something for everyone! From Chicken, Turkeys, and Pork to Low-fat steak mince and high protein thin Steaks, Muscle Food has a long extent of things. 


Muscle Food understands that the gym freaks and sports guys need unpredictable updates, not conventional.

So to guarantee that you have a prevalent chance at achieving your activity targets, they outfit you with their best and top of the line redesigns/supplements thusly, you can accomplish something uncommon for yourself in getting ready.

They have a huge scope of things including supplements for mass increment, weight decrease, rich protein powder, and various upgrades which they put forth with the organized attempt of some handpicked accomplices.

All the things which are solely made by Muscle Food are made here in England and are held to a top Standard. 

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Muscle Food has energy for Physical games, Sports, and food, and helping individuals meet their sound objectives.

They do this by offering clients the best lean meat and Best quality redesigned and re-revised plans open to give them the upgrades and protein they need at a worth which is quite reasonable. 

When purchasing from Muscle Food, you are ensured to get top quality products which will be specifically intended towards your well-being needs and dietary prerequisites.

Regardless of whether you are needing to get muscle, decay fat, enlargement will, or improve your speed, you will get all the fundamental things you require for accomplishing the most definite eating routine game plan. 

In Case, you are searching for an entire pack of suppers, Checkout the game plan and offers section on Musclefood’s site.

So also as having the choice to research a far-reaching degree of food and upgrades, Muscle Food Offers in addition gives surprising sorts of help.

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To guarantee you have the ideal food at the ideal time, you can cause a tedious request and choose a development date so you never run out.

You will essentially need to enter your bit subtleties once, while you can reveal to them how reliably you need to get your food passed on. 

When you shop, you will have the decision to see the specific taking care and breakdown of your shopping enclose request to assist you with stirring up the ideal eating routine for your body and health objectives.

How to save money at Muscle Food?

Get your hands on a wide range of award-winning, premium quality meat, veggie and vegan food, and dairy products at an affordable price at Muscle Food. You can easily reach your health goals with Muscle Food’s products whether you are looking to get lean, shred fat, or building muscle. You can find everything you need at Muscle Food with its wide range of protein-rich snacks, meats, and supplements. Don’t forget to check our 7 money-saving tips & hacks to save your money.

New Customer Offers at Muscle Food

Join the Muscle Food family and get an exclusive discount on your first order. New customers can also ask for a bargain on hampers for 2, 4, or 6 people to fill their fridge with premium quality snacks and meat.

Do the Unthinkable Plans

If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking to fulfill your fitness goals then Muscle Food got you covered with its Do the Unthinkable Plans. This plan promise to change your life in just 3 months with an expert’s recommendation as per your goals. Whether you want to bulk yourself, slim down, or get a more toned physique, do it with these plans without spending hours in the gym, or by starving yourself.

With this plan, you will get a new hamper with a wide selection of recommended snacks and meals which you can change anytime according to your tastes. Every product you will receive will be fresh and perfectly portioned, with a wide range of variety so that you won’t get bored by eating something daily. All the meals will cost you £3 per meal which means you are getting healthy food at an amazing and discounted price.

Moreover, this plan also includes an exercise routine and tips to get you in shape for free. These exercises can be done comfortably at your home. These routines are tested by our teams and to be honest there results are exceptional and are a great value for money. Go check out the Musclefood Do the Unthinkable Plan review and give it a try today.

Muscle Food Bundles & Hampers

Muscle Food bundles & hampers are great value for money and allow you to save your money without any Muscle Food Promo Codes. They have a wide range of meat hampers which includes Chicken Breast Hampers, Chicken Meatball Hampers, Beef Hampers, Fish Hampers, and much more.

By ordering these bundles and hampers you will get tons of products in a single hamper which can save your money. All the items on the hampers are fresh and of premium quality whether you are going for lean meat hampers or vegan hampers. These hampers are great value for money rather to purchase every product individually or from the supermarket. Furthermore, you can always avail of multi-buy deals and discounts to save even more on your orders.

Always Look Out for Special Deals

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on special deals and offers at the Muscle Food website. You can find these deals and discounts on homepage banners or on sidebar filters. You can find multiple deals and offers of your selection including three for two deals, mix and match deals & discounts, and multi-buy deals on different products.

Lucky Dip Meat Selection

Lucky Dip Meat Selection is a fun way to get more for less. You will get products worth £10 for just £5. The most fun part about this plan is that you will never know what you’re going to get to eat. This will allow you to change up your daily or weekly meals for a change in taste. One thing which is guaranteed about this plan is that you will get more by paying less which is a great value for money. Also, there is a Mystery Snack Selection for just £10 which will provide you your favorite ingredients worth over £26. So why are you waiting for? Just go and give them a try!

Follow Muscle Food on Social Media

Follow Musclefood’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other Social media discounts where they organize special giveaways and prizes for their customers. Also, you will get free fitness routines and tips to achieve fitness goals for free. This totally worth a shot, and you never know one day you won a free prize.

Muscle Food’s Pop-up Notifications

Sign-up at Musclefood to get special deals, discounts, and secret offers. They will send you’re all these deals directly to your inbox. Moreover, you will get access to nutritious, delicious, and mouth-watering recipes on your email. Also, you can enter your mobile number to get instant text notifications and deals so that you never miss a way to save money on your favorite meals.

How Can I Use Muscle Food Promo Code?

You can easily use Musclefood Promo & Voucher Codes by following these simple steps:

  • Find the best voucher from to redeem.
  • Click on the “Get Code” button to get the code.
  • Copy the code. Once done, you will get redirected to the Muscle Food website.
  • On the brand, the website chooses the products you wish to purchase and add them to your basket.
  • Go to your basket whenever you are done with the shopping and ready to pay.
  • Selected your delivery frequency and date.
  • Also, check for bonus offers at the Checkout.
  • Now, paste the code into the “Discount Code Box” which you’ve copied earlier.
  • Press the “Apply” button to redeem the code.
  • Complete your order by clicking on the “Pay” button.
  • Congratulations! Your code has been applied and you will get your healthy meals at a discounted price.

What Does Muscle Food Have To Offer?

From brilliantly British & Irish Lean Beef to protein-packed, award-winning Chicken and even sensational Seafood, Muscle Foods offers a wide gourmet range of super lean, extra tasty and highly nutritious meat.

Furthermore, not only meat they also deal in a variety of dairy products, soups, chocolates and vegetables as well. Such as the recently launched protein bar vanilla and white chocolate and the Baxters Super Good Chicken Noodle Soup, which are currently famous amongst the users and highly recommended by several

Muscle Food Goal Getter Discount Code

The main objective of Muscle Food is to provide a healthy diet to its consumers which will keep them fit, Lean, and healthy.

Muscle Food also focuses on the need of athletes and sportsmen to help them achieve their target in their best forms.


It is rightly said that Muscle Foods is value for money, because you know that you’re spending your money in the right place. 

Getting a beneficial and sustainable diet alongside the blend of various special ingredients which provide a finger-licking and everlasting taste while the company assures all its users of providing alimental products because surely there is no compromise on quality.

And on ethical grounds, the company tries innovative methods while manufacturing products with a sole aim of strengthening their consumers’ physical health to it maximum potentials

Why Muscle Food Referral Code?

There are a number of reason why you should opt for Muscle Foods Referral Code, firstly it offers one of the most pocket friendly products which are easily accessible nationwide and online on their web platform as well…

…which is quiet user friendly to people who don’t feel comfortable with new technologies, moreover the quality of food which they offer is unmatchable which is keeping their customers satisfied till now and lastly you won’t resist spending money again on Muscle Food.

As it is rightly said, healthy living is made easy. 



Back in 2018, Muscle Food got viral and made its most of the business and showed remarkable growth.

Many new investors showed great interest in Muscle Food which helped them blaze a trail for new products.

Muscle Food ensures that the food items they provide are of top quality, healthy, hygienic, and Muscle Food provides essential protein-rich meals at a reasonable cost.

This makes sure that they prioritize their customers’ needs over everything, they are very concerned that they meet every requirement of the consumer so whether you have to gain or decrease your weight, make your body lean or build muscle mass, Muscle Food has got your back!


Products that are vital for your bodybuilding and daily routine are of interest for Muscle Food, they play their part to enhance the physical activity of their customers which makes them a unique and better choice over others.

Not only their prices are low as compared to others, but they have also provided brilliant deals and offers to aid their customers. By the time you are done with your shopping, your crate will be overflowing with all the Muscle Food products, given they have the motioning.

Another big reason is their quality. Their products are made in a hygienic environment with all the proper nourishing ingredients. It is made sure that they are up to their customers.

Also, they facilitate home delivery services without any inconvenience. You just have to enter your installment subtleties and details that how often you want your items delivered.


Before reviewing their individual product, let’s discuss a little bit about their sources.


One thing that is guaranteed is that Muscle Foods meat is natural, free from any preservatives.

It does not contain salt or even water to make sure that the meat does not taste different to taste cravers.

They have a variety of products which means you can have your meat in any form. Chicken, turkey, low-fat steak mince to high protein lean steak, they have everything your stomach craves.


Another interesting product in the extensive range is the turkey breast by which you can make delicious kebabs and neat patties which are a level apart


The chicken breasts provided by Muscle Food are twofold greater than the size provided in the market. It also has a very peculiar taste which will not only satisfy your cravings but also force you to fill your cabinets with it. The RRP for these is €38.

FAQ’s at Musclefood

Where to find verified Musclefood Discount Code?

You can find the latest & verified Musclefood discounts and deals right here at Retaielscaper’s Musclefood discount codes page. We have every coupon from percentage discount to Do the Unthinkable plans and flash sales on premium and lean meats. You can find all the exclusive discount codes & offers to save on your order.

What are the delivery charges at Musclefood?

The premium tracked delivery charges at Musclefood is £5.99. However, if you purchase something worth £75 or more you just have to pay £1 for the premium tracked delivery. All the meat items are delivered carefully in specially designed boxes that can keep the meat fresh for up to 48 hours to guarantee fresh products.

What are the Best Muscle Food Discount Codes?

These best Musclefood Vouchers are:

  • 49% discount on Deal Day Twice As Nice Hamper + Free Shipping – Get Code
  • £5 Discount on Orders over £60 – Get Code

Is there any sale at Musclefood?

Yes, Musclefood has a clearance sale section on their website which is packed with all the latest & high saving deals and discount on high protein snacks and bars at a very affordable price. From massive discounts on protein shakes to exciting savings on lean meats, the clearance sale section is your go-to for healthy living items without the price tag. Shop today from the Musclefood Clearance Sale section and save up to 80% on your supplements and healthy meals.

Does Musclefood offer a loyalty program?

Yes, Musclefood does offer loyalty points to its customer. You will get 1 loyalty point on every £1 you spend on the website. Also, they will give your 10 loyalty points for writing a review, and 500 loyalty points for referring a friend. These points can be redeemed on the checkout page. You will get 16 freebies options to add to your shopping basket for free.

Can I save money by purchasing Musclefood hampers?

Musclefood meat hampers are a good option to save money without using any coupon codes as they are a lot cheaper than purchasing every product individually. Each and every hamper is packed with a wide range of delicious and lean protein meats including beef, chicken breast, bacon, salmon, beef, and more. They have ultimate chicken hampers, super fresh fish hampers, and many more from which you can choose to save more.


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