Learn Web designing step by step, A complete guide

Learn Web designing step by step, A complete guide

It was my dream to learn web-designing when I started Blogging. The passion behind learning web-designing was in my heart even when I was so young, when I first heard about making web-applications and CMS(Content Management system) one desire came-up in my mind to build my own website. For that I did many tutorials and I will share a small plan with you guys that I followed and which will help you guys to make a small road map of your web-development journey. By the way, all the advises given in this small guide are my personal views, you can differ from them or there could be a more better guidance than this on internet.

So, we will consider that you are a complete newbie. So first you need to learn the basics. For that you need to learn following languages:


HTML5 is a super-simple language on which a web-page exists. You can consider HTML the bones of web where you need to put the flash to make it beautiful. I will recommend this in-depth tutorial from w3schools to learn HTML.

After completing this tutorial you will be able to build your own page. Make sure that you have learned everything correctly, also see this tutorial from Codecademy to enhance your skills.


CSS3 or Cascading Style Sheets defines that how HTML elements will be shown on your webpage. Basically, it’s a language to style HTML elements, to set backgrounds and colors and to make transformations and animations.

You can also make your web-design responsive by using commands like float:left; and max-width. See this to learn more about responsive design, but before that first learn basic CSS. Now to recall things in your mind also do this tutorial.


Now your webpage has its bones and flash(HTML and CSS). So let’s make it interactive, which means manipulating HTML elements on user actions such as clicking buttons and pressing keys.

For this we will have to use Javascript. And there is a reason behind making interactive pages, the most important reason is that interactive webpages are more user-friendly, so learning Javascript will surely help you to make more powerful webs. I will recommend this tutorial from w3schools to learn Javscript. Also do this tutorial from Codecademy to upgrade your current skills.


Was it difficult to learn Javascript? Yes it could be for some people. That tough syntax can easily make you mad. So here is a substitute for you and that is jQuery. jQuery is a Javascript library with much more user-friendly syntax.

Learn basic jQuery from here and also do this small tutorial. Read more and more about jQuery plugins and how you can use them to make your page loaded with more advanced web features.


Now you have learned the client-side languages. After all of this, it’s the right time to learn the server-side languages like PHP. PHP is a html markup language which gets data from database and shows it in simple HTML format.

Learning PHP will not be a easy job for you but if you have learnt Javascript, then things will be more easy for you. To learn PHP do this tutorial from w3schools and it will be better to check Codecademy’s PHP tutorial too.


After learning all the server and client side development languages, you should learn Database management too. MySQL is the world’s most popular database system with some extensions including MySQLi and PDO.

You can learn any of each method to get user input and to save it into your database. I will recommend to first learn normal MySQL, later choose between PDO and MySQLi. Both have different advantages which you can read here.

To learn SQL, first do this tutorial from w3schools. Now to enhance your skills, learn some more SQL from a more dynamic SQL tutorial by w3schools.

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