How to promote your business on internet?

How to promote your business on internet?

Internet has more than 3,079,339,857 users all around the world. The world has shifted to a new age of online marketing and business. Gone are the days when just advertising through pamphlets or on radio was enough. This age is completely relying on internet, even for shopping too. Companies are paying more of promoting their business on internet instead of throwing dollars into T.V advertising.

This is because internet has more depth and opportunities for business entrepreneurs, as well as for individual and small business.

Therefore it’s time for you to pay more on promoting your product on internet rather than relying on other factors. But do you really know that from where you should start? Or where you should promote your product? If no, then today is your day because today I am going to share 7 most awesome online marketing opportunities for you that can help you to earn more customers and sales from internet.

So here we go!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the biggest advertising platform on internet. You can easily promote your product on internet by using Google Adwords at very reasonable prices. Google Adwords has been used by companies all around the world to promote their products or services. Many have managed to strengthen their roots in the industry just because of the same platform we are talking about.

You can also promote your product on all Google adsense publishers’ website by using Google Adwords and the best thing about it is that you only need to pay when a user click on your ad, which means your product gets exposure on all Google publishers’ website but you only pay when someone click on your ad.

One another great thing about Google Adwords is that by using Google Adwords you can also promote your product on your competitor’s website. Let’s say your competitor is a Google Adsense publisher and you advertised your product on Google Adwords, so now there is a huge possibility that Google will show-up your product on your competitor’s web too which will help you to divert his customers towards your website and eventually to your product which will help you to earn more sales and revenue.

However, I will like you to first take experts’ advice before advertising on Adwords. Many have lost hundreds of dollars due to ineffective advertising. Read tutorials on internet about Google Adwords advertising, however I will like to tell you that the most important factor when advertising on Google Adwords is the tags that you put in to show your ad relevance.

Note: I will recommend to only Use Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords for your campaign.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the largest social media website on internet. You can find any kind of people there, whether you are searching for doctors, engineers, builders, web developers, Android developers, salesman or anyone you want. This is the reason why Facebook is standing on the second position in my list, You can surely find some valuable customers for your product or company.

First create a page on Facebook for your product or company, then advertise it on Facebook. You will have to pay from 5 to 30 dollars, then you can tell Facebook that in how much duration you will like them to spend your budget on advertising(i.e. a day, a month etc).

To know how you can advertise on Facebook, please go to this page.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is yet another popular social media website on internet. The different between Facebook and Twitter is that you will find more teenagers on Facebook where Twitter has more adult and mature audience on Twitter. And well, we surely want to target mature audience because they have some more bucks in their pockets.

So advertising on Twitter may help you more to give more exposure to your product. Probably you will get more customers from Twitter than Facebook.

To advertise on Twitter, you need to first visit their advertising page. Then follow their guidelines, hopefully you will earn some quality customers from Twitter.

Google Plus Communities


Google Plus is a growing social media website which was launched by Google on June 28, 2011. Right now Google Plus has more than 2.2 billion profiles, however according to a recent research only 9% have any publicly posted content on their profiles but still Google Plus Communities have a great opportunity for any online marketer to promote his product.

You can also promote your product on Google plus by creating a page. For more information, please read this.


buysellads approval

BuySellAds is CPM network which helps publishers and advertisers both by giving them a platform where they can meet up with each other. If you have a new website or you have just launched a product and you need exposure for it, then BuySellAds is the right place for you to find publishers.

Just visit their marketplace, select a relevant niche and advertise on those publishers’ website which you find useful. There are already tons of quality publishers who have great amount of audience, therefore advertising on their blogs or website will be a great idea to get some more customers from their audience. Even sites like Elegant themes use BuySellAds to promote their themes.

You can find publishers under these categories:

  • All Things Apple
  • Automotive
  • Business & Finance
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Family & Parenting
  • Gaming
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Architecture
  • Government & Politics
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Web Design & Development
  • Visual Arts & Design



The best way to promote your product is to be active on forums, solve other people’s problem and tell them about your product whenever you find the right time to do so. But before joining any forum make sure that the forum you are joining in related to your niche, For example if you have a digital product then you should join forums like Digital Point etc.

However, if you have a special product which targets some specific areas of a niche. Let’s say you have a website about blogging and you have just made an article spinner, and you want to tell the world about it. So after advertising on all those platform which I have mention above, you can now promote your spinner on forums too where people are asking about good article spinners.

To do it, we will first go to Now type your keywords and you will get tons of results about any relevant query which you will make. Now open links from the list, create account on those forums and try to solve people problems but make sure that you promote your product(in our case your article spinner) with people around there.

Let’s say someone has asked on a forum that;

“Can you guys share any cool article spinner with me?”

Then it’s the right time for you, send him a response message which can have a similar template like this:

“Hey, There are many article spinners available on internet. Here’s a list: xyz, xyz, xyz however I will recommend you this cool “my article spinner” that has been useful for me the most. Hopefully this will help you too”

Wrapping it up

In my opinion Google Adwords and BuySellAds will be the perfect choice for any business owner to start his business promotion campaign because by using both of these platforms you can target specific audience that you want. For Example, if you are a web developer and you have a new wordpress theme to sell then surely you will want to target those people who are using WordPress.

And Google Adwords and BuySellAds allow you to do so, You can read the tutorial shared above to know how to start your advertising campaign efficiently on Google Adwords. As far as BuySellAds is concerned, just go to their Web Development category choose some decent websites where you want to advertise and that’s it! Just buy the ad spot and hope for some new customers.




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