– How you can get the best streaming giant on your devices?

Visit official webpage on your internet browser and enter on your Television and go to the sign-in option.

 Go to the code page on your television and click on next. On the page choose a cellular or TV operator.

Select your service provider from the list and type your ID and password for HBOMax.

 Type your name and email in the required field, and click on create an account. Every time your television is switched on, pick who is watching from profiles and you are ready to stream HBOMax.

Steps to start HBOmax subscription

There are several methods for you to get access to HBOmax. You can visit their official webpage and enter the code that was displayed on your television screen after you logged in. After you type the verification code, you will be redirected to the webpage that will help you to use and stream HBOmax.

  • The first step is to activate HBOmax is to visit their webpage
  • Type the verification code you receive available on your television screen.
  • The activation step is not difficult and takes few minutes only.
  • As soon as the authentication is completed, you can visit HBOmax and start using their streaming service.

Instruction to type code

  • Launch your browser and go to their official webpage using a laptop or cellphone.
  • Type the verification code on the webpage that is shown on television.
  • Tap on “NEXT”. log in with

Install the HBOmax application on the streaming device you will be using. Open the HBO application and you will receive an authentication key. Get your laptop or mobile phone, launch a web browser and go to the webpage.

Type the verification code shown on your Television display. Click on “Submit”. Pick your TV service operator and log in with your account info.

Where to look for an authentication key in HBOmax?

You will have to look for an authentication code to start HBOmax services. You can easily find the code appearing on your television screen when you open the application.

Once you found the activation code go to the HBOmax webpage and go through the instruction shown on the screen to start your HBOmax services.

Steps to log in HBOmax on your television

An activation key is required to start HBOmax streaming services, an activation key is provided in your package. The key can also be checked from the back of your HBOmax device.

After you found the key, go to the activation button on the home screen of your HBOmax device. Click on it and type your key through the virtual keyboard.

  • Visit the login webpage and type your username and password.
  • You will need to register your account in case you haven’t signed up yet.
  • Type the authentication key that was shown to you after registering your account.

HBO – You get it through a television provider, normally a cable provider. It gives you access to HBO through old-fashioned TV channels.

HBO Go –It was introduced for users to get access to content-on-demand via laptops and mobile phones. The only way to use HBO Go is if you have your cable account is logged in.

HBO Now – This is HBO’s independent broadcasting service. It is another service that doesn’t give you admission to HBO’s TV stations. But it will give you login information for the HBO webpage

HBO Now has all of its original content available. This service is suitable for people who don’t have cable TV and prefer to use digital platforms.

HBO Max – It is a streaming service from Warner media, where on-demand classic movies and several web shows are available. HBO Max has several subscription options that are explained below.

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Steps to start HBOmax on Apple TV

  • Search HBOmax on the app store and install the application.
  • Launch the HBOmax application on your Apple television.
  • Visit on a laptop or smartphone.
  • Type the activation key you saw on the TV screen.
  • Tap on the “Activate” button.
  • HBOmax is successfully activated.

Steps to start HBOmax on Xbox

  • The first step you need to make is to log in to your Microsoft account.
  • After you are logged in, visit the section of “Games and Apps”.
  • Go to the “Games” section and you will be able to see “HBOmax”.
  • Launch the HBOmax Application.

Steps to start HBOmax on ROKU

Follow the steps shared below to activate your HBOmax account on ROKU. It is a simple process and consumes a few minutes of your time.

  • The first step is to make sure your device is linked to the web.
  • Launch the HBOmax application and tap on “activate your device”.
  • Go to the webpage using internet browsers.
  • Type the activation key that is shown on your television screen.
  • After entering the key, your device is successfully registered with HBOmax.

Type your activation key at

  • Visit the application store of the device you are using and search for the HBO GO program.
  • Download and set up the program.
  • Launch the application and go to the log-in option.
  • You will get an activation key after you sign in.
  • Go to the webpage and register your account to HBO GO if it is not registered yet.
  • Type the activation key you received and tap on “Continue”.
  • Choose the service operator from the list given and tap on “Continue” again.
  • Refresh your television and you will have access to movies and TV shows available on HBO GO.

Steps to link HBO with television

  • Go to the application store and install HBO Go.
  • Launch the application
  • An activation key can be seen on display after you launch the application.
  • Go to from a laptop or smartphone.
  • Select the TV you using and log in with the account details linked with HBO on your television.
  • “Activate a device” will appear on your television display. Tap on it.
  • A “Success” notification will pop up on your television screen and internet browser.

Steps to download HBO GO

  • Download the HBO GO application on the device through its app store.
  • Open HBO GO and click on “Activate your own device” to receive the activation code.
  • Get a laptop or smartphone and visit
  • Select your device from the enumeration and tick on “Continue”.

HBO Go supported device

  • Samsung Smart Television
  • Android Television
  • Apple Television
  • Amazon Fire Television
  • ROKU
  • TiVo
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Computers / Laptops
  • Chromecast

HBO Max plans

HBOmax offers two different subscription plans you can choose from.

  • HBO Max with Ads – You can watch your favorite movies and shows with advertisements on HBO max for only $9.99 per month. You can avail the services and stream your favorite content through internet browsers and mobile phones.
  • HBO Max Ad-free – For HBO fans and users who prefer to watch content without advertisements can easily enjoy watching movies and shows through the HBO Max Ad-free version for only $14.99 per month.
  • With HBO Max Ad-free you can also download the content to watch it offline and they offer Ultra high definition quality with the plan.

HBO Max and HBO are different platforms, although they are almost same. First of all, HBO Max and HBO subscription prices are similar for each month and contain the same HBO shows.

While HBO offers channels and HBO Max doesn’t, the channels can be viewed when purchasing an HBO Max membership.

All about HBO

HBO stands for Home Box Office is a television network launched in America by Charles Dolan. You can watch movies and TV shows on television through the cable channel and online through their application and webpage.

They also introduced HBO Max on 27th May 2020 which is a digital platform where you can watch content with ads for only $9.99 and without ads for $14.99 per month.

They have 7 channels that are available to watch on television.

  • HBO
  • HBO2
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO comedy
  • HBO Zone
  • HBO Latino

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a streaming service platform launched on 27th May 2020. You can easily watch 10000+ of content which can be entertaining for everyone.

2. Are HBO shows available on the HBO Max application?

Yes, all original movies and shows by HBO will be available on HBO Max services, not only that but they have content other than HBO originals available.

3. What shows did HBO make?

HBO has a huge library of its original content, most of the shows made by HBO are worldwide famous, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Game of Thrones
  • True Blood
  • Westworld
  • The Sopranos
  • Silicon Valley
  • Succession

4. What Devices will HBO Max Support?

HBO Max is available on most devices. Phones, Smart Televisions, PC or laptops, and gaming consoles. You can simply check the supporting devices by going to the webpage

5. What is the limit of devices I can stream through?

HBO GO has a guideline on streaming, it doesn’t allow more than three devices streaming through one account at the same time. For HBO Max, users will have to wait and see what guidelines they set for it.

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