How to get traffic by using BuzzBundle?


How to get traffic by using BuzzBundle?

BuzzBundle is one of my absolute favourite online marketing tools. I use BuzzBundle for both content promotion and link building. It allows you to track conversation about a particular keyword or product. It can track Blogs, Social networks, Forums, Q&A sites. By BuzzBundle you can target the audience who can have interest in your content. 

You can use BuzzBunzle by following these 5 steps.

STEP 1:-

Download BuzzBundle and click on create new project button.

STEP 2:-

Now hit on “Create New Stream” and put keywords related to your niche and start streaming.

STEP 3:-

Wait for BuzzBundle to load all the available data on Forums , Blogs, Social Media sites and Q & A websites.

STEP 4:-

Once it has load all the data start posting your links by posting comments on Blogs, facebook, reply on Twitter and make some worthy post in forums. In the end of every single post or comment share your article’s link.

For Example: Hey, Thanks for your great post. You will like this too :

STEP 5:-

Keep doing it again and again till you are able to gather a huge amount of traffic to your Blog. This also helps you to make quality backlinks.



Use BuzzBundle as your secret weapon to engage audience to your blog and to make backlinks. I told you that this will help you to get traffic and some reputation in your niche’s market.




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