Genshin Impact characters | All about the Genshin Impact Characters

In the meta-verse of today, there is no shortage of open-world game playing environments in which players adopt different roles to assist or challenge other game participants. 

Genshin Impact is one of the top rated games on the internet that can be played by choosing any one of the four characters that appear in any scenario or stage of the game. These characters can be interchanged at the will of the player. 

The players can even switch characters in mid-combat, to get better leverage while playing the game. 

Each character as can be expected, has a different and sometimes distinct combination of skills and attributes that can serve him or her well during a particular stage of the game. 

Players can even enhance the skills of a character by increasing the level or improving the weapons that the character can use in battle. 

Playing the Game

The game is anchored in the imaginary world of Teyvat, where the players travel through various cities and engage in various battles to collect points and rewards. Teyvat is ruled by various bosses or warlords who give different challenges to the players. 

The success of a player in combat results in a reward or a promotion to another level. The stamina of each character in the game depends upon a currency called Resin. 

This currency gets depleted as the player moves on in the game. Completing challenges and defeating opponents gives players more points and increases the energy levels of their chosen characters. 

Increasing the level of difficulty in the game is labeled Adventure Rank. Players can increase the level of difficulty for their characters within this game by accepting and taking on new quests and challenges and completing them.    

Players can control their characters and make them undertake activities that include the actions of running, climbing, swimming and gliding as per the scenario that is unfolding in front of them. 

The currency Resin is based upon the Gacha system and is replenished slowly as the game drags on. 

In the game, the character Traveler voyages across the seven distinct nations of Teyvat to be re-united with his lost twin sibling. He also has a sidekick companion called Paimon who helps him in this quest.

More about the Genshin Impact characters

Since the major part of the game consists of undertaking battles and quests that involve a lot of combat, the attributes and skills that the various characters possess have a great impact on the game and its outcome for the players. This is why learning about old and new game characters and their arsenal of skills will make one better at playing the winning the game. 

At present, according to the latest count by HoYoverse, the developers of the game, there are as many as 47 characters that can be used by the players in the Teyvat universe. 

The developers of the game have been known to introduce new characters every 90 days or so. The characters have been placed in different known regions like Monstadt or Inazuma.

HoYoverse has even teamed up with Guerilla Games to introduce their popular character Aloy into the Genshin Impact game universe. 

There is quite the likelihood that collaborations with other game studios will result in other characters also being added to the native Genshin Impact game in the future. 

The Latest Additions

According to what we can see on the Genshin Impact web universe, the characters Dainsleif and Kamisato Ayato have been recently added. 

Meanwhile the very latest addition to this string of playable characters includes Shikanoin Heizou, who was introduced into the game as recently as May 2022. This raises the figure for playable characters to 50 in all in the upcoming version 2.7 of the game.

Accessing new Genshin Impact characters

A number of ways exist that can be used to get new Genshin Impact characters:

  • The first and most easy way to get these characters is to wish on Genshin Impact banners using Primogems.
  • The Genshin Impact characters called Amber, Lisa and Kaeya can be accessed using the Prologue area of the game.
  • Paimon’s Bargain Shop provides the opportunity to buy two 4-star characters in a 30 day period, in exchange for 34 Masterless Starglitter.
  • There are also Limited Time based Events which allow followers who participate in these events the promise of one or more units upon completion. 
  • All players who took part in the game using their PlayStation were given the game character Aloy for free as a Limited Time Event during the release of Version 2.1 release. 
  • Mobile players and personal computer users received the Aloy character later, in the improved Version 2.3 of the game.
  • All users who finish the quest ‘A Long Shot’  get a copy of the character called Barbara. This can be unlocked at the Adventure level Rank 18 of the game. 
  • All gamers who successfully accomplish the Floor 3 level in Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss adventure will be eligible for a copy of the character called Xiangling. This can be unlocked at the Adventure level Rank 20 of the game.

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Making Use of the Wishing Banners 

  • Genshin Impact has two different banners that users can wish on. The first of these are named as Character Event Wish banners and the second of these are labeled as Standard Wish banners.
  • It has been noticed that the first type of banners or Character Event Wish banners change every few weeks.
  • Every character event banner is based upon one selected five star character and a gives a handful of four stars.
  • Presently the five star characters are Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi.
  • Presently the four star characters are Bennett, Kujou Sara, and Xinyan.
  • Moreover, all of the non-Character Event Wish characters are posted on the Standard Wish banner posts.
  • To use the Character Event Wish banner, a player needs to acquire Intertwined Fate wishes.
  • To use the Standard Wish banner, a user needs to accumulate Acquaint Fate wishes.

This is all we have on the Genshin Impact characters at the present. We do hope that it makes you better at the game in the future.