Conversion from YouTube to Mp3 Format?

There is a high demand of Youtube to mp3 converter…

…since Youtube is one of the oldest and most popular platforms on the internet, where one can search for music, videos, movies, teasers, trailers and so much more.

However, YouTube is considered to be the largest and easiest video accessible platform.

Music and entertainment have become quite a necessity in today’s world. People need to get off stress from their busy lives and for that, music has been a great source. Often artists use this platform to promote their music and now brands have switched their paths towards this platform to gain customer reach.

People usually listen to music at work but this may use additional MBs of the internet whereas listening to music with fewer MBs or with MP3 format may use less network MBS. Therefore, downloading the song into the audio file may help you enjoy the music.

This article is a short guide to how a YouTube video can be converted into a Mp3 format so that you can listen to the music even if you are out of internet MBs on your smart devices.

There are several methods and every one of them are of one hundred percent efficient.


Several online websites are providing you online conversion options to convert YouTube to MP3. In the below rules, you will get to know about the overall guide to conversion form YouTube to MP3. Here’s what you need to do to download the songs online, using the website www.


YTMP3 – Youtube to mp3

Using this method, you’ll first have to look for the options of website that assist you to do the conversion online.

In this process, you can sue the YTMP3 website since it’s a really popular site to download songs online.

However, the website works with all of the YouTube links and works on every video.

Here is step by step guide to what you are required to do:

  • First step is to choose a video; you would like to get the audio file of into MP3 format.
  • Copy the YouTube link of the same video you’ve chosen from YouTube.
  • Now open a new tab into your browser with the website address (
  • Got to the YTMP3 converter website and click on the home page.
  • Paste the YouTube link copied earlier from to the ‘empty field’ given at YTMP3.
  • Now, press the enter button to start downloading.
  • Conversion might take a few seconds. Once, the conversion process is completed, you will be provided with a different audio option to download the file.
  • These audio options may vary in size. However, you can select the most convenient option.
  • Press enter, the file will begin the download of the audio file automatically.

App download METHOD

This method does not requires going to any website but to download an android or iOS

Application. In this process a smartphone application with the name ‘TubeMate’ is to be downloaded for YouTube mp3 conversion.

  • Got to the google app store and download the application TubeMate.
  • Although, it is available on the google play official anyone with the link can download the app more conveniently,
  • Also, you can click on the APK file for installation from unknown resources.
  • After the completion of the downloading of app, from different platforms, select YouTube and begin browsing. Search for your aspired video and continue watching videos online.
    Also, the users can begin to watch the video, it becomes easier for them to download the video. However, the red button for the download can reveal the download option. Click on it and see many other options pop up on your screen.
  • TubeMate is an app that helps users download the videos in any aspired format. From MP3 to any other video format, you are allowed to download the videos that you watch every day on YouTube.

The above two methods are the top most convenient and most usable methods by the users. Try this before and get the videos or MP3 files downloaded easily on your phones which you can enjoy for the rest of the day.


In this article, you have given methods to explore YouTube to MP3 conversion. However, its time now to explore more options for the conversion if any of the above methods won’t work for your smartphones or computer. Although, there are many more websites on internet, giving you the facility to provide the conversion options, some of them are as follows:


As the name speaks for itself, the MP3-Convert may help you get all your troubles for the internet music resolved. Now, you do not have to browse the music every time you watch on YouTube. Just simply download the audio file using MP3-Convert and listen to it office. The user interface of this website is made quite easy. Thus, you can use it without any trouble.


Ontiva is one site for the conversion of YouTube to Mp3. It gives the best solution for those looking for online song conversion to listen it offline. Download the files easily and enjoy listening to music of your choice.

Also, the platform Ontiva is made for users aiding them download the videos of different quality and choice. From lowest bitrate to highest ones, there are many options available. Download as per your convenience and get the bets m3 music experience offline.


One of the easiest methods to have your favourite songs downloaded on your smart phones is via EasyMP3Converter. It is a website that helps getting fastest downloading with great sound experience there are several quality options for bitrate available for users and you can download the mp3 file as per your choice.


SaveFrom is one of the sites where you can safely download the YouTube videos of your own choice or genre. Although, this is one trusted website and has many traffic of users downloading data every day.

Visit the website SaveFrom and download your most liked music and songs and cope up for the rest for the day.

Since the internet today is a source of information and knowledge and website on any topic are numerous. Nevertheless, there are many websites causing viruses to download on your computer and ending up corrupting your crucial data. Therefore, it is important to look for trusted websites and download the music. Some of the authentic sources are discussed in the article for your use.

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