Top 5 Buysellads (BSA) Alternatives

Many of us have tried to get approve for but unfortunately most of us have FAILED. So, In this article we are going to discuss about the best top 5 alternatives for Buysellads(BSA), specially if you are new to blogging you must read this to get few ad banners for your newly developed blog.

buysellads alternatives

Top 5 alternatives of Buysellads

So let’s start talking about five top buysellads alternatives. Have a look:


Google Adsense is a platform which gives you the opportunity to get advertisement for your blog easily. I believe Google Adsense is he easiest platform to get approved. Because all you need to do is to have a Google Account. If you already have a google account then you must directly go to Google Adsense URL.

Sign up for your google adsense account and give them your blog/website address and wait for their approval. Normally, If you have a well established blog with enough content even if your blog is a day old you will get approve.

Once you are approved go to adsense copy their given code and paste it on your blog/website whether in widgets area or directly add it to your website HTML. Now wait till google spiders reach your blog and make you approve.

Once you are approved you do not need to go any thing more. Infact you will find Google Ads on your blog automatically. You can configure/modify ads size, type and color etc by just clicking on My Ads which should appear in the top menu.

Although, we must consider one thing that Google Adsense is a PPC(Pay per click) system which only pays you when any of your website/blog visitor clicks on the ad which is the most unattractive thing.


Adsella is an online website which connect advertisers from publishers. It is an online publishing platform which frees you from the botheration of getting ads directly from Advertisers. All you need is an account on Adsella, now visit adsella, log into your account and make your ads, publish them and get the ad code and paste it on your blog/website.

WOW! That’s all you need to do. After posting your available space for ads on adsella, you need to wait for the advertisers to buy your give space for advertising.

Although, If you do not have great number of traffic for your blog then adsella can take some time to find advertisers for your blog. You can attract advertisers on your low traffic blog by demanding a reasonable price for your ad space.


Adengage has nearly the same ambitions for bloggers and advertisers. It gives publishers a platform to sell their ad spaces and helps them to find advertisements for their blog at a good price.

AdEngage is part of the Technorati Media Group, which means you can rely on it. It also has a great amount of advertisers and publishers.

  • Cost Per Time basis – Ads are sold on a daily, weekly or monthly basis according to the advertisers’ needs. This method is similar to how BSA works.
  • Cost Per Click basis – You earn money depending how many clicks you got on your ads. This method is used by Google Adsense. Hence, AdEngage is flexible in a way since it offers both models of advertising simultaneously.
  • 25% commission from your sales goes to AdEngage
  • Reliable services
  • Provide good support to users


OIOpublisher is a great advertising network and perhaps the best alternative to BSA. It works different from other networks. OIOpublisher provides a plugin that can be installed on your site. The plugin has to be purchased at $47.

But its a one-time investment only! If you look at the features, you will find its worth the money! And the best thing they offer is that they do not take any commissions for the ads you get. Really! this is cool.


Puborange is a newly developed website which gives you the same opportunities as Buysellads does. Although, one thing is different from BSA that you don’t need to be approved from them. Just add your website, make ad spaces, select prices, select your ad type(text ads, text and image ads or video ads).

Now get the ad code and paste in on your blog/website. However, Be aware! As I cannot guarantee this platform for getting advertisements. Puborange is still very new so its reputation is still not enough.

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