Reviews of 6 Best Browser for the Roku

Browser for Roku provides you the fastest digital streaming experience that connects the entire Tv ecosystem all around the glob.

Are you on the hunt for the best web browser for Roku that elevates your digital streaming experience? No wonder you’ve landed on the right page . Below, we’ve listed the top 5 best web browsers for Roku to add more fun to your entertainment zone.

Reviews of 6 Best Browser for Roku

Are you from those who always hunt for the best web browser for Roku? If yes, then there is no astonishment that you’ve came on this page. We’re here to solve your problem and to tell you about the best web browser for Roku.

6 Web Browsers for Roku

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Here is the list of 6 Best browsers for Roku device:

  • Web Browser X
  • The Roku Channel
  • Firefox
  • Poprism Web Browser
  • FilmRise
  • Media Browser

1. Web Browser X

Get Web Browser X at

web browser option

If you’re looking for the best browser for Roku, then Web Browser X is one of the best.

Although its interface and design is old school like it was manufactured and developed in the early ’90s but the browser is fast to surf the web and to browse the internet.

You can visit any site you want by just putting the URL into it. Also, you can add your most visited sites to the favorite list.

There are many pre-saved sites on the browser like (CNN, ABC News, Google News), which you can visit with just one click.

One problem with the browser is that you can’t play a video on it. So, if you’re thinking to visit Youtube on this browser, then unfortunately you’ve to drop that idea.

2. The Roku Channel


Another best product, that we’re listing in our article is The Roku Channel.

It is powered by Roku itself, so these browsers updates constantly which is the reason that it is one of the best browser from our list.

This browser will allow you to stream amazing videos, movies, listen to music, and watch entertaining stuff.

It will offer you everything that you expect from the best web browser.

3. Firefox

Get Firefox at

Firefox is one of Roku web browser other than Web browser X, and The Roku Channel.

It will enhance your streaming on Roku.

This internet browser will allow you to do anything.

Firefox web browser options easy to understand and anyone can use them without any complications.

You can watch videos on Youtube, listen to music, surf the web, browse the internet with it.

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4. POPRISM Web Browser

Get Poprism at

Roku Inc has this web browser on Roku Channel Store. To be very honest, it’s worse than Web Browser X.

But there is no doubt that POPRISM is also the best and easy-to-use web browser on Roku. It will amplify your streaming device because it’s so light and easy to handle.

It’s totally free to us, and its plain text interface makes a great option for the users.

But everything has a down-side, and in this case, this browser has its own.

Though this browser uses a plain-text interface, so some sites will not be compatible with it.

There is a possibility that sometimes a web page will not load fully into this browser.

5. FilmRise

Get Filmrise at

FilmRise stands up to its name. This browser is for movie addicts and lovers, who love to watch movies.

This browser has almost 10,000 movies which an owner can watch anytime on Roku without any other movie players.

And what’s best than the free movies? All the movies are free to watch which allows you to have a cozy time with your family or friends.

6. Media Browser

Get Media Browser at

Media Browser is on the 6th number of our list, but that doesn’t make it any inferior to others.

Roku TV supports this browser and anyone can use it without any complications.

You can visit web pages on this browser, can surf the web, but you cant play a video on it which is the saddest part about this browser.

Other Ways to Browser Internet on Roku

As you’ve now known that there are multiple browsers to install on Roku device, but that can’t be the ideal idea.

There are other ways to surf the internet on Roku TV from which the best one is to use screen mirroring and cast a web browser from your computer or mobile device directly to Roku device.

Using Windows to Cast a Web Browser on Roku

Roku web browser is available at the channel store, but you can always cast a browser from your windows by using screen mirroring.

You just have to follow step-by-step instructions given by us to cast a web browser on your Roku device from windows:

  • First of all, your Roku should be running on at least version 7.7. If not you can always update it by going to Settings>Sysyem>System Update.
  • Now on Windows, go to the Action Center by clicking the link in the right-hand lower cornor of your screen.
  • In the Action Center click on the Connect tile.
  • Now you’ve to allow your window to scan Roku for you. This will take up to 30 seconds or more.
  • Once it finds Roku device, the connection will automatically occur.
  • Now you can open the web browser of your choice to browse the internet.

You can always disable casting by selecting “Stop Video” on your TV screen or you can hit the “Disconnect” option on the windows

Using Android Device to Cast a Web Browser on Roku

You can always use your Android device to cast a web browser on Roku.

You just have to use the same screen mirroring technique to do so.

This procedure is very simple, all you need to do is to use the Smart View app from your mobile.

Thanks to the manufacturers, this app comes as default in many Android devices like Samsung, Oppo, and others.

If you don’t have the app on your device you can always download it from Google Play Store.

In October 2020, the Smart View app was retired and the SmartThings app came into being. It is name same app with the same ability.

Unfortunately, iOS users can not cast web browsers to Roku TV yet.

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