Best Lock Screen Apps to secure your Android Phone

Best Lock Screen Apps to secure your Android Phone

You need a lock screen app to secure your data and to ensure that no one else can use your phone without your permission.

These cool lock screen apps are not just there to make your Android phone’s screen look good.

In-fact such screen lockers can also be used as an important navigation screen which can be used to directly jump onto features of your phone that you used the most.

Simple lock screen apps are good to go with but check my list of “best android lock screen apps and widgets” if you want to unlock your phone with more functionality and fun.

Best Screen Lock Apps For Android

Best Lock Screen Apps to secure your Android Phone

In this list you are going to find some of the best screen locker apps that you can not only use for adding another layer of security, but also for making your phone more interactive and easy to use.

P.S : If you have some other phone lock apps in your mind, then please do share by posting a small comment and we will feature them here if they are really good.

Ok, so we are ready to go and here’s the list:

Hi Locker

Hi Locker comes with three styles of lock screen including classic, iOS, Lollipop and they also have a separate screen dedicated to your smart phone’s calendar which you can use to track upcoming events.

You can easily customize it, thanks to the decent array of ways including greetings, automatic wallpaper changes and fonts.

Hi Locker is basically an app that has designed with Cyanogen Mod-style launcher in mind that works by swiping and holding over one of your favorite apps to quickly disable the lock screen and open the app.

If you like like fingerprint lock screen, then I would suggest to also check this slider locker screen app.

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LokLok is also one of the best screen lock apps. Especially when you have a lot of friends, then it’s a good idea to use LokLok to make the most out of it.

You can draw on your lock screen and then send your drawing to your friends as a message but they should also use the same app for sharing your drawings with each other.

Your message will then appear on their lock screen, they can also modify it and send back to you.

LokLok is still in beta version and it lacks the PIN code function which you can use to lock screen through a PIN code which means that it’s not a great app lock for Android in terms of security – but it’s definitely a good choice for people who love to draw things.

So if you are an artist, then I think you have an ideal screen lock app in shape of LokLok.

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AcDisplay is one of the most prominent lock screen apps for android and stays as the undisputed champion; especially as a free lock screen app.

AcDisplay has a minimal design with darkened background, the notifications are showed on the lock screen.

You can also make use of the active mode which tries to predict when you are picking up the phone.

Moreover, you can also blacklist apps from sending notification to your lock screen – you may also customize low priority notification settings, dynamic background settings and much more.

Overall, it’s a perfect lock screen app for android with great stability.

In my opinion, it’s worth a try and you should go for it if you are looking for a perfect app lock.

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock should be your first choice if you need a lock screen app only in terms of phone security.

You can also enable the alarm on your device so if someone does too many failed attempts to unlock your phone or tries to bypass your lock screen, then they will met with a loud alarm voice letting everyone know that what they were trying to do.

Unfortunately, the interface of this app is not very amazing. In-fact it’s very old school which may convince users to migrate to today’s much more advanced apps that have user-friendly interface…

…but it is still a good choice for locking your phone.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

The title is enough to tell you that what Echo Notification Lockscreen does.

It’s a simple lock screen app that delivers notifications on your lock screen — very identical to Android Lollipop.

The developers of Echo notification lockscreen claim to give  a much more lightweight and minimal experience to users while showing them notifications, security settings and smart alerts at the same time.

The thing that I like about it is that you can categories social, work and other notifications so you can handle all of them at the same time.

I recommend trying Echo Notification lockscreen at-least once since it’s free. If you like the trial version, then you may also install the pro version by doing a small app purchase.

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CM Locker

CM locker is a perfect app for people who are looking for apps that help to prevent battery drain, thanks to its ability to clean out background apps that drain your battery.

One another feature that CM locker has is the ability to take the picture of the person who is trying to bypass your screen lock…

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

SnapLock is another good lock screen app that comes with many features.

Some people say that it’s probably the best screen locker for Android phones – the reason why they like SnapLock is because it’s a very clean, simple and easy to use app…

In-fact your 6 year old son can also manage its settings to make the app workable.

SlideLock Locker

Have you just shifted to Android from iOS and missing “slide to unlock” function that comes with iPhone?

If yes, then SideLock Locker is the solution for you…

It not only allows you to unlock your phone by sliding from left to right but also it puts notifications on your locked screen just like Android Lollipop, you can also respond to them without the need to unlock your phone.

You can directly jump to your camera by sliding from right to left to take a perfect selfie.

ZUI Locker – Elegant Lock Screen

ZUI Locker is an elegant screen locker for Android. You can also customize it to make it suitable for your Android device.

You can also use free HD graphics of ZUI locker as background of your lock screen. It’s good to turn on automatic updates to get more free lock screen wallpapers.

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