Best Android background and Wallpaper Apps for 2017

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Make your Android phone more smarter by using these free Android wallpaper apps

When I bought my first Android phone, the first concern for me was to find free wallpapers for android. I visited many sites, search on Google but I was not able to find a perfect wallpaper for my phone.

And I was searching for wallpapers on such sites because I wasn’t aware that there are numerous free wallpaper apps available for this purpose.

Thankfully, my brother suggested me to use a free Android wallpaper app to find some great loop wallpapers for Android.

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Now I have access to a ton of free wallpapers. But choosing a right Android wallpaper app can be difficult, there are always two ways of doing something, one is the right one and the other one is wrong one.

And I am sure no one here wants to go with the wrong one, so we have gathered some of the best free wallpaper apps for android that you would love to use. Now you don’t need to search a good picture for making it your wallpaper, just download any of these apps and enjoy!

Check this list of best android wallpaper

So you are about to see my list of best Android wallpapers, and here we go!

500 Firepaper (FREE)

500 Firepaper -- wallpaper app for android

500 Firepaper is one of the best live wallpaper app for android – it keeps showing wallpapers one after another. It downloads wallpapers daily from their website and allows you to pick the best one for your phone. is a popular site known for fantastic and eye-catching photographic material – they provide amazing images and you can use them as your Android wallpapers by using 500 Firepaper. This app is free to download but you can go with the pro-version if you want some extra features, but the free version also has the basic necessities of a wallpaper app.

Cool Wallpapers HD (FREE)

Cool Wallpapers HD -- best android wallpapers apps

Cool Wallpapers HD has a ton of HD images that you can use as your wallpapers. It stands apart from all other app because of their large collection of HD images and easy navigation system.

Once you have downloaded the app and have opened it, you will notice that there are already thousands of free images present for you to choose from.

Each day they add new collection of images, until now they have 200,000 collections of images for you that are completely free.

And don’t bother about searching the best wallpapers from this giant collection; they have a standalone navigation system that makes searching images easy for you.

Cool Wallpapers HD is becoming more and more popular because of its large collection of images and user-friendly interface. It’s still not as much popular as our next app (Backgrounds HD) but it is still worth a try.

It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Play Store and its users are very delighted to use this app. The app is completely free with no in-app purchase, so you don’t need to pay for anything, everything is free here.

Backgrounds HD (FREE)

Well, if you have been using Android for years, then you might already know about Backgrounds HD. It is one of the most renowned free wallpaper apps for Android.

It still stands as the most popular Wallpaper app for Android – you can choose hundreds of backgrounds and images for your phone by using this app.

They update their wallpaper database daily and the “images by category system” makes it easy for users to find a best wallpaper for their phone.

Unlike other apps, they have tried to make things as easy as they can that means that you won’t see much organization or buttons or complicated system in the app.

But they have some high quality images available for you so that you can make them your wallpaper.

Background HD is developed by OGQ and they only upload hand-picked images with high-resolution. You can also share images with your friends or suggest them a wallpaper.

Tapet (FREE)

Tapet is a newer than all other apps in the list but it has managed to catch many eye balls. It is unique than all other apps here in a sense that it doesn’t ask you to choose a wallpaper for your phone, but it generates one for you.

You are allowed to select pattern and colors for the wallpaper and Tapet will generate a wallpaper for you with high resolution.

However, Tapet will generate a wallpaper based on your phone’s screen resolution – it also supports Muzei.

Tapet has added more pattern and color schemes for its users, so they can generate a more eye catching wallpaper for their phones.

Backdrops (Free with in-app purchase)

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Backdrops is another good option for you if you are looking to download wallpapers for your Android phone.

You can also use your Google account to sync wallpapers all across your devices. It has a good amount of free wallpapers but the only thing of concern for the developers is that it doesn’t have a premium version with some exclusive images.

There is also no package or additionally paid content available, so you can’t download any premium wallpapers.


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