Best Alternatives to iMovie for Windows

If you’re an Apple device user then you should probably know how useful iMovie is when it comes to edit or create a video. iMovie is one of the best among the video editing tools and easy-to-use video makers that comes as a built-in app on Apple devices.

imovie for windows

If you are willing to download iMovie on your PC, then unfortunately it can’t be done because Apple developers have not given a way to download iMovie for Windows, which means that you can’t download it on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.

But people do want to download it anyway on to their PC and searched for “How to download iMovie for PC”.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

imovie for pc

Well if you’re one of those people then we would like you to introduce to Movavi Video Editor Plus. It is the best “iMovie alternative for Windows”. No other software can match up to the original Apple product but this one can surely give a shot on iMovie.

It is one hell of a video editing software with a lot of options allowing you to create videos, edit them from scratch, and convert them into a masterpiece.

You can download it on your PC or Laptop. So why wait? Go and download the best iMovie alternative for Windows from Movavi and showcase your talent through your video.

Simple & Functional
imovie for windows

Movavi video editing software is simple & easy to use. If you want to edit your videos simply upload your video into the app and pull it to the editing area and start working on it.

You can trim or cut your video, increase the speed of the video, or can make a slow-motion effect. You can also increase the video quality or can edit it in any way you like just like you can do it on iMovie.

This program is highly optimized for Windows, allowing you to make a professional-looking video in just a few minutes.

Tons of Special Effects

Do you want to create an “Old Movie” style video or a “Retro style” video? Then choose visual effect from the effects gallery and give your video an artistic touch.

imovie for pc

There are more than 160 cool effects and filters to make your video more professional. You can use “Pop Art” filter to give your video a modern touch or if you’re willing to create a romantic mood video then use “Flying Object” Effect.

Transitions for Smoothness

Make your video smooth by adding transitions into it. The Movavi Video Editing software allows you to add transitions on different parts of the video to make it run more smoothly and professionally just like iMovie.

get imovie for windows

That makes it the perfect iMovie alternative for Windows. Just as the iMovie you can add stylish transitions to your videos like fade, turning page, turning pinwheels, and unfolding origami, and much more.

Create Slideshow with Ease

Creating a slideshow was never this easy as it is now. If you’ve used iMovie then you know how to make a slideshow on that and in Movavi Video Editor Plus making slideshows is like a piece of a cake.

Upload multiple pictures into the app and drag them all onto the working area. Add transitions and effects between the images and make them more exotic with a touch of soft music and it’s done. Your slideshow is ready to export and you can share it with your friends and family.

Add Titles to Your Videos

If you’re willing to add titles to your videos then there are more than 100 fonts to do that. You can use different colors, title templates, text parameters, and sizes to make a cool-looking title for your video and can add it anywhere in your video.

media files

Also, you can create animated-text titles and can move them in any direction which will make your video more eye-catchy and fun to watch.

Multiple Supported Formats

Movavi iMovie for Windows alternative allows you to import or export video and audio in any commonly used format (MOV, WMA, MP3, MP4, AVI, and many others). Exclusive presets are given to save and watch your video on mobile devices (Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.), and a handy sharing function allow you to quickly upload your movies to YouTube.

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System Requirements

The Movavi Video Editor Plus is one of the best alternatives for iMovie for Windows and the best thing about the software is that it isn’t heavy at all. It can be run with very low system requirements.

System Requirements (Minimum)

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP
  • 1 GHz of Intel or AMD or any other compatible processors.
  • Graphics Card that supports 1024×768 resolution on 32-bit color.
  • 1 GB of RAM for Windows 10/8/7, 512 MB of RAM for Windows Vista, and 256 MB of RAM for Windows XP.
  • 250 MB of Hard Disc for Installation and 2 GB Hard Disk for Ongoing Operations.
  • QuickTime Player for MOV file processing.
  • To capture analog video, a VHS Capturing device is required.
  • Administrator permissions are required.

FAQ’s about Movavi Video Editor Plus

Q. Is it the best alternative to iMovie for Windows?

A. Until now it is the best iMovie alternative for windows.

Q. From where can I get iMovie alternatives?

A. You can visit to get the best alternative to iMovie for windows.

Q. Is Movavi Video Editor Plus free to use?

A. No, it is not free to use. You can download the trial version which will work perfectly fine for 7 days and after that you’ve to register it.

Q. How much will it cost to get a licensed version?

A. You’ve to pay $59.95 to get a licensed software for a year.

Q. Can I do audio mixing and color correction in this software?

A. Yes, you can easily mix the audio and can do the color correction in Movavi Video Editor.

Q. Can filmmakers use this software?

A. Yes, they can easily use it. If you’re filmmaker and looking for video editing software then you can surely give it a try.

Q. Can I create a picture in picture video by using this software?

A. Yes, you can create a picture in picture video in the premium version. Unfortunately, you cannot use this option in the trial version.

Q. Can I use it on MAC or iOS?

A. No, you cannot use this on Mac and iOS as this software is particularly made for Windows operating systems.

Q. Can I add sound effects by using this video editing tool?

A. Yes, you can add different sound effects on different clips of your video by using this video editing app.

Q. Why can I not download the iMovies for Windows?

A. Apple developers did not make a windows version of the software. That is why you cannot download iMovies for Windows. iMovie can only be installed on Apple operating system.

Q. Which is better? Windows Movie Maker or Movavi Video Editor Plus.

A. Windows Movie Maker is a good software and very useful to edit videos but Movavi Video Editor is on a different level. It is regarded as the best alternative for iMovie for windows.


We’ve used Movavi Video Editor Plus for ourselves to test the efficiency of it and we can easily say that it is the best alternative to iMovie for windows and the video editing procedure on this app was simple and easy. Moreover, you can edit or create videos on this application just like iMovie and can add transitions to it.

pc version

Making slideshows is very easy on this app and you can create movies of your own by simply using your photos. You can create your video masterpiece by using a variety of effects, editing options, and features and can save it in different video formats on YouTube, DVD, and on your PC.

You can share your video or DVD with your friends and family to show them your editing skills. It is one of the best alternative video editing app for iMovie.

Although, Windows does have Movie Maker as a built-in app but it is not as useful as the Movavi Editor and can not be called the iMovie alternative. Moviemaker has a limited number of options & features to edit a video and a very low amount of fonts are available to add titles to your videos.

On the other hand, Movavi Video Editor can has everything to offer and the video exported from this application can be run on any mobile device. Including stylish video effects, transitions, tons of text templates which makes it the best alternative to iMovie for windows.

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