All You Need to Know About Torrentz eu

If you’re looking for the best BitTorrent meta-search engine then Torrentz eu is the best option. It was formerly known as has a vast number of indexed torrent sites such as BTJunkie, The Pirate Bay, and KickassTorrents.

torrentz eu

According to the statistics of Alexa, the site was ranked among the top 5 of all BitTorrent websites. The site offers external torrent sources instead of direct download from the website. It had the largest community of users.

The Foundation

Torrentz was founded on July 24, 2003, by an individual known as Flippy. After the foundation, the website became popular among the community within no time because of the user-friendly interface and because of the fast and powerful meta search engine. It was much better than other meta search engines and that’s why the torrent community gave it the appreciation it deserved. was designed to bring search results from all over the internet in one place. So if anyone is searching for a torrent it will give all the available torrents by combining results from dozens of indexed torrent websites.

Simple & Easy to Use

The overall interface of the website was user-friendly and simple to use containing only the search panel & user menu. No one had to register itself before searching anything.

The website was a free, fast, and powerful torrent search engine which anyone can use without any fees. A search can be performed by simply entering a keyword into the search field and press the “Search” button,

Once done all the matching files were presented on the screen for the user to pick from. As the site uses meta search engine combining results from different torrent websites, the user was redirected to another website mostly (Pirates Bay or Kickasstorrent) because they were considered to be safe to use.

Torrentz History

Due to the daily-growing success of the website, scammers tried to use fake papers to take over the domain name in November 2008. But the site administrator has a backup and set a new domain “”.

In December 2010, became the default domain name for the site because of the domain name apprehending carried out by the United States government on many websites.

Than in 2013, a DMCA claim was sent to Google by Paramount Pictures asking them to remove the Homepage and two other pages of Torrentz from its search engine. This claim was countered by Torrentz, claiming that the website did not violate any copyright policies.

The domain name of Torrentz got suspended on 26 May 2014 without a court order because of the request from the PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit). The suspension was elevated a day later.

Shutdown of shuts down on May 26 2014 by the founder with a message “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell!”. It was a 13 years long journey that came to an end. The search functionality was completely disabled and all the links were removed from the website.

Birth of the Clone

Few days after the sudden shut down of the Torrentz, a new unofficial clone came to being named It has 60 million indexed torrents in the initial stages. Later on that month 2 more new clones came to being and started their operation as a torrent site. They also have almost 30 million indexed torrents websites on their search engines and were running until the year 2020.

3 Alterative Websites to Download Torrents

We know that most of you still want to download torrents and for that, we have the list of best alternatives from where you can download all the torrents you want.

It is one of the fastest download search engines and can be useful to find Games, Movies, TV Shows, Software, Anime, and much more. was formerly known as It is one of the best and secure websites to download torrents. you can find almost everything on this website.

If you’re looking for all the new & latest movies, games, tv shows, and much more then Otorrents is the place for you. By combining dozens of search engines, Otorrents brings the best possible result for you to download.

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