The YouTube video rankings are based on the likes and dislikes in terms of how many likes and dislikes a video received which decides its popularity or dislike.

A million views of a video on YouTube does not mean that the data is necessarily liked by the people,

but it could also be disliked by the viewers. Some of the most popular and renowned videos on YouTube also been rated as the most number of dislikes as well.


We will try to highlight some of the most disliked YouTube videos in this article, which will help our readers to know some data of the facts about good or bad videos for the record.

It does certainly not depend on the stars but it is the quality and content of the video which decides the number of likes and dislikes.

This is a unique and one-off attempt to highlight some of the worst videos on YouTube and it could not satisfy particular standards for completeness.

The most disliked YouTube videos contain the top 50 videos with maximum dislikes of all time, which is derived from YouTube Charts for the record. Dislikes are visible and can be taken from the link of the video itself.

There is a like and dislike button on every video page implemented by YouTube. The option of the like and dislike button helps as a replacement for the previous five-star rating system, initially available on YouTube.

In the topmost disliked videos, there are six videos that are also appearing in the list of most-viewed YouTube videos and four are appearing in the list of most-liked YouTube videos, which shows that dislike numbers do not indicate the real popularity or unpopularity of the video.

For example, videos from Despacito, Sorry, Baby Shark Dance, and Gangnam Style are all appearing on this list, but also appearing in the list of most-liked YouTube videos.


YouTube Rewind 2018 – Everyone Controls Rewind was the most disliked video trailer and ads on the platform provided by YouTube with almost 15 million dislikes and it surpassed the music video of Justin Beiber’s song Baby and became the most disliked video on YouTube and on the interest by getting the Guinness World Record for the most disliked video.

As of now, YouTube 2018 everyone controls Rewind 2018 has above 6.5 million more dislikes than Baby of Bieber.

YouTube Rewind 2018 everyone controls also holds the record of becoming the most disliked YouTube video within a week of being uploaded.


YouTube tried to load YouTube rewind 2019 ads but it is delayed for some reasons. YouTube created Rewind 2020 as a reply to the criticism on YouTube Rewind 2018 loading video.

So it is a question that the 2020 video is better than the 2018 video or not. However, the 2020 video has already about 9 million dislikes, but gets fewer dislikes than 2018, as it is much shorter in time than the 2018 video, which shows that there is positive progress, however, everyone controls rewind there is less interest in YouTube rewind 2019 or 2020 as the crowd use information on their tips.


The ads of the movie Sadak 2 was released and loading video on 12 August 2020 and within a week, it became YouTube’s second most disliked video with over 13 million dislikes.

Despite the heavy and high-cost artists including Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Dutt, and Aditya Roy Kapur, the content of the video has so much hate and the viewers are upset about the nepotism in the Bollywood industry and within 24 hours of the loading, the video got 4.2 million dislikes on YouTube.

Despite the big name of Mahesh Bhatt, Sadak 2 has been receiving criticism on the nepotism that picked up pace amid the death of Sushant Singh Rajput who was found dead in his Mumbai home.

In the first two days after the release, the trailer got 5.3 million dislikes and currently over 13 million dislikes. The video also surpasses Justin Bieber’s Baby to become the second most disliked video.

The film is the most disliked Indian Bollywood video on YouTube and it is also the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube and will use by the fans as a negative information video of all time.

Now, the film has made another record — of becoming the second-most disliked YouTube videos ever beating Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ that retained the spot ever since it released. 

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Justin Bieber also known as Beiber in his fans, launched this video in 2010. There has been a number of paradoxes and remix of Justin’s debut hit, but the original views of this music loading video have over 2 billion views.

There are mixed remarks which are quite odd as we can see a huge divide in a video’s likes and dislikes about video quality. However, Baby is something unique from Justin Bieber.

The video got over 13 million likes and has 11.94 million dislikes, which shows that the viewers and confused about the content and quality of the video.


The baby had almost 1.17 million dislikes in 2011, and it was surpassed by the video FRIDAY by Rebecca Black which earned 1.2 million dislikes.

Friday, ultimately get over three million dislikes before the loading video is taken out from YouTube in June 2011 and uploaded again after three months.

10.79 MILLION DISLIKES on Baby Shark Dance:

It is a sorry video for the kids. If there is any kid getting bored on the insanely viral Baby Shark song, then he will not go to this video again.

The song was popular among children and toddlers, but the quality of the video has earned over 7 million dislikes.

Even the Baby Shark Dance video which was loaded in June 2016 has received over 5 billion views, but the parents just want to listen to something else for a change.


Incidentally, the song is not terrible, but it is, like many songs for children, there is a repetition and the song contains simple lyrics Nursery rhymes by Looloo kids.

There is a baby in the video who is trying to sneak sugar cubes in front of his father, who is not looking at him.

It is quite strange to even think of a children’s song that within two minutes of the release of the video, it could get so many dislikes.

The idea is odd, but it hard to believe that the video gets over 5 million dislikes.


This is a smartly animated nursery rhyme loading video that teaches young kids about colors via cartoon eggs with creepy smiles.

The video is presented in Russian, but the song which plays in the background is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” which is sung in English Nursery Rhymes.

The video contains good content with attractive different colors but it is too long for the subject and the eggs do weird things.

It’s not the only children’s video on the list, but it might be the longest video for children on YouTube.

5.60 MILLION DISLIKES on Bath Song:

There are some videos for children included on the list of most disliked videos on YouTube sung as nursery rhymes.

The Bath Song video by CocoMelon was released in May 2018 copying the tune of Baby Shark (which is also on the list), featuring two young brothers taking a bath together and helping one another to get clean.

The idea was nice b CocoMelon until the sound is not opened, and the lyrics and sound are one of the reasons for getting 5.60 million dislikes.


The Brazilian music video was released in June 2020 and has already earned more than 5.4 million dislikes with only 2.3 million likes, which is quite annoying for the uploaders on cookies as the video of fewer than 3 minutes should not have taken that many dislikes.


Ultimately, the request of PewDiePie was over fulfilled and he got plus 5.14 million dislikes as he wishes to get 1 million dislikes on his music video on his browser.

This was an experience for his followers, as everyday bro was an hit by the star. And this is not any surprise for anybody, as he has a huge fan following of around 105 million subscribers on YouTube, and all his supports seem to be willing to do everything to support their favorite YouTube Star along with Jake Paul.

The music video by PewDiePie was released in December 2016 and has over 20 million views since then.

The music video was the second-most-disliked video within two weeks of being released and the video get 1 million dislikes within two weeks despite of the last hit everyday bro.


On its debut year in 2001, Friday from Rebecca Black quickly became the song of the year, whether you like it or not or could not get the lyrics out of you.

The video was generously hugely mocked and parodied. The video was viewed by almost 137 million people, however, gets a dislike of 3.5 million viewers on the site.

Rebecca Black was upset about the dislikes and once she was complaining about the ruthless people hurling the vilest words in her way.

Since then, she has released many more music albums on YouTube especially with Jake Paula on their cookies.


In recent times, there is a majority of music films in the list of most disliked on YouTube by the audience insights and the dislike percentage is more towards music.

Earlier in 2016, it was the video game and infinite warfare reveal trailer, such as Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare site which got over three million dislikes, specially Call of Duty featuring team 10 was at the top of the dislike part video of all time.


The dislike measurement on YouTube has been some academic and political interest.

In the 2012 Presidential campaign, Rick Perry has got immediate negative reception and use the network for his campaign and got over 600,000 and rated as most disliked video on YouTube within a week on is cookies ip address site.

This philosophy was also seen by Mike Barthel of the Village Voice, which also shows that one should not judge entertainment and politics at the same level as online public publicity.

Politics is entirely different from music and it should not need the help of social media, rather it should be served in the public themselves. Media personalities such as Logan Paul and luisa sonza always recap video before the release, however, the politicians did not, which goes negative for each other.

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